My Library comprises of media that has been uploaded, media that has been added to playlists, collections and favorites with a key feature of privacy enabling user to manage accessibility of their content that is whether to keep it public or private. Initially when uploading the media on the portal, uploaded content couldn't be set to private as it was accessible to other users in the portal. When uploading the media, it is fairly important to give user the right to decide that whether they want their content to be private or accessed by other users in the portal.

VIDIZMO now provides user with a My Library that comprises of four tabs, which include, Uploads, Shared with me, My Playlist, My Collection and Favorites each accessible according to the user's role within the VIDIZMO portal. It provides the complete overview of the media uploaded by the user enabling them to prominently view or segregate between their private content and the content that is accessible by other portal users so that user can manage the accessibility of their uploaded content. Adding on user can also view, access, manage, sort and filter their uploaded media at one place. Moreover, the users can also perform set of action on uploaded media, search and playback the media from Personalized Library.

Note: Managers and Administrator define whether or not to allow users to manage their content accessibility that is to keep it private or public. Manage Private Content Policy can be enabled through Portal Settings. Read more about it at How to Manage Personalized Library. 



My Library Tabs Accessibility

VIDZMO's My Library tabs  are visible and accessible according to the User Roles in the portal, which are explained as follows:

Administrator, Manager and Moderator: Shared with me, Uploads, Favorites, Playlist and Collections.

Contributor: Shared with me, Uploads and Favorites. 

Viewer: Shared with me and Favorites.

Default Viewing Access

Default Viewing Access sets the viewing access of media. It offers two options "Private(Only Me)" and "Portal Security/Publish Settings". 

Private(Only Me): This option enables the users to upload media directly into my uploads section i.e. the user's personal library where other users won't be able to view the media.

Note: The user can only choose this option if the Manager+ user has enabled portal users to manage their content privately.

Default Portal/Publish Settings: This option picks whatever the security policy has been set by the Manager+ user in the portal and the user's media uploads will be based on Portal's security policy settings.


VIDZMO's Personalized Library offers the following attributes to its users:

  • Centralized Access to uploaded Media: As stated, media that is uploaded by the user is displayed in My Library,  allowing a centralized management and searching of all media uploaded by the user.
  • Upload Media: VIDIZMO allows its users to upload media in My Library. User is notified with alerts regarding content processing whether the process has finished or failed to keep better track of user uploaded media. The accessibility of the user uploaded media depends on the Default Viewing Access in user profile settings providing us with the options such as Private or Portal Settings  . Read more about it at How to Set Default Viewing Access Settings for Portal.
  • Categories: VIDIZMO allows its users to to define a category and its subcategories in Portal. These categories can be assigned to the media being published, allowing classification and organization of the media content, based on its purpose and relevance. These categories and sub-categories can be seen in the left-hand navigation panel in My Library. This facilitates the user in searching and sorting the relevant media. To add a category, read How to Add Category and Sub-Category in Portal.
  • Filter By: Filters allow the users to search through the content based on the media attributes that were defined while uploading the media. VIDIZMO offers some basic media attributes such as Ingestion Source (zoom, stream  etc.) Status (pending, rejected etc.), Format (audio, video, document etc.), Author's Name etc., while you can also choose to define your own custom attributes for the media being published and then utilize them here for better segregation and searching of content.  Read more about it at How to Manage Custom Attributes.
  • Tags: Tags are keywords that describes and highlights the content to provide optimized search for users. VIDIZMO allows the users to predefine the tags that the uploader can choose from while publishing or modifying the media. Moreover, the users can add new tags when publishing the media, allowing them to utilize in My Library for filtering content. To add a tag, read How to Configure and Use Enterprise Tags
  • Search: Media can be searched in My Library  by Title, Category, Tags etc.  
  • View: My Library can be viewed in Thumb View or List View
  • Sort: VIDIZMO allows you to sort your My Library content based on Most Recent or Title.

Overflow Menu for Selected Media 

  • VIDIZMO equips its users with a comprehensive set of options against every media via Personalized Library that helps them intelligently edit, use, and analyze their uploaded media within their portal. for example, a file will not be public if a user selects Make Private option for a corresponding media.
  • SettingsFor configuring publish settings, access rights, external sharing of users uploaded media, etc. To learn more about it, see: Understanding Media Settings.
  • Limited  Share: Uploaded media access can be limited to specific users or groups, external viewers and anyone with a link so that any media content published in that Personalized Library will only be accessible to those media is shared with. Click here to learn more about it, see: How to Share Media with Specific Users/Groups or External Viewers.
  • Copy Link: Allows user to copy link of the uploaded media for external sharing. To learn more about it visit How to Copy Link of Media

  • Copy: Allows user  to copy media from your Portal to any other Portal(s) with the ease of a single.

  • Media Info: Allows you to view information about the uploaded media such as its size, frame size, video bitrate, etc.

  • Delete: Allows you to delete media from the portal.

  • Share with Portal: Users uploaded media is set to public and is accessible by all the portal users.

  • Make Private: Users uploaded media is set to private and cannot be accessed by anyone except the user.

  • Add to My Playlist: User can add their uploaded audio and video files to their Playlist. Playlist can be made Private or is Shared with portal.

  • Add to My Collection: User can add their uploaded media of any format to their Collection. Collection can be made Private or is Shared with portal.

Shared with me

  • This tab contains media that has been shared with user by the other portal user. This shared media can be of any format, it can also  be a shared playlist or a collection as well.
  • User cannot Delete or make shared content Private.
  • User can add shared content to  Playlist, Collection and Favorites.
  • Once shared content is deleted by the user who uploaded it , media gets removed from Shared with me tab.


VIDIZMO allows users to add media to favorites so that they can find it later again. In My Library, Favorites displays your media that you added to favorites. After you create your favorites list, you can manage it by removing media from the list.


  • My Library allows users to manage Playlist which includes media such as audios and videos. User can group together multiple audios and videos within a playlist.   
  • User can make their playlist Private or Share it with portal. Also user can explore other media options such as Edit Playlist, Delete, Settings etc.


  • My Library allows users to manage Collection which includes all media formats. User can group together multiple with all format types within a collection.   
  • User can make their collection Private or Share it with portal. Adding on user can explore other media options such as Edit Collection, Delete, Settings etc.


Bulk Media Action

My Library also gives the functionality of bulk media actions. These controls enable you to copy, publish/unpublish, delete, edit media, and much more on single click by selecting the desired media in bulk.