To help you make informed billing decisions when managing your VIDIZMO Account deployed on SaaS environment, you can view your Consumption Reports with the ease of a single click. The reports are generated on a daily basis and can be filtered with multiple specific and customizable time period for a more thorough usage analysis. 

In VIDIZMO, the detailed consumption reports can be utilized by an organization to monitor resources, maintain budgets and overages of the VIDIZMO resources being consumed.

Before you start

Extract Reports

1. After logging into your portal, from your homepage:

  1. Click on the Navigation Menu on top left corner.
  2.  Expand Admin tab.
  3. Click on Portal Settings.

2. From the Portal Settings screen:

  1. Click on Account on bottom of the list to expand it.
  2. Select the Billing option.

3. For both the Summary and Trends tab, you can extract report(s), in CSV format, by clicking on the download button available on the top right corner of that report. 

Filter Reports

Date Filter

VIDIZMO allows you to select the duration for which you need to view the usage. This duration can be last or a current week, month, or year. Moreover, users can also select to view reports for a specific time period only or for all the usage since the Account was made. 

Note: By default, the current week's view is generated.

Follow the steps below in order to filter VIDIZMO's detailed consumption reports during the current month.

  1. Navigate to date filter and click to expand it.
  2. Select This Month from the drop-down menu.

Attribute Filter 

Apart from Date Filter, Admins may also apply attribute-based filtering specific to a particular report. Follow the steps below in order to apply attribute-based filtering on any report. For demonstration purposes, the Summary tab is chosen. 

  1. From the User Summary report section, click on Allowed Limit filter to hide its data from the report. This can be done to hide any attribute from the reports being generated. 

Note: You can also apply filters prior to exporting report and then export only required data.

Toggle Report View

To give you convenience VIDIZMO allows you to toggle between graphical view and tabular form of data, To switch between different views follow the steps below:

 To view the tabular view, click on the Tabular View button.


ii. To revert to the graphical view, click on the Graphical View button.