VIDIZMO allows you to analyze usage of your uploaded content on a continuous basis. VIDIZMO generates these analytics for every media file uploaded, helping users to assess the performance of that particular media. 

VIDIZMO allows you to select the duration for which you need to view the analytics. This duration can be last or current week, month or year. Moreover, users can also select to view reports for a specific time period only. As shown in the image below, VIDIZMO's detailed media analytics during the current year for a video include:

  1. Views and Viewers: This denotes the total number of views for the video and the total number of viewers. There could be multiple views from a single viewer.
  2. Impressions: Impressions denote the number of times users have accessed this media's playback page.
  3. Completions: This is the number of times viewers have completely watched the video. The completion criteria can be set in the media's settings or while uploading. The video is marked and tracked as completed when the viewer reaches that point in media.
  4. Likes: This is the number of likes for the media.
  5. Moderate Comments: This shows the total number of comments that have been approved to be viewed on this media's playback page.
  6. Audience Overview: This is the graphical representation of the number of views, viewers and completions during the time specified. 
  7. Device Breakdown: This is a pie chart for the devices used to watch the video. For example, how many viewers viewed the video via desktop browser, mobile browser or others.
  8. Embeds: This is a bar graph showing the external websites where the video has been embedded, allowing users to assess video presence on different platforms. 
  9. Demographics: This is a bar graph which shows views, viewers, impressions and completions across different public and private locations defined in your portal's settings. 
  10. Geographical Heat Map: This is a heat map showing the intensity of views throughout the geographical area. 
  11. Heat Map: This is a heat map of the timeline of the video, showing strength of viewers throughout the video duration. This helps in assessing which part of the video was most viewed.

Each of these analytics can be viewed graphically (as above) or in tabular form as well. Moreover, each of these analytics can be downloaded in CSV format, allowing users to export these analytics.

Roles and Permissions

  • Moderators, Managers and Administrators can access and view analytics for each media uploaded in the portal.
  • Viewers and Contributors do not have access to the Analytics screen, however, they can only view the total number of views for a video.