Email Templates define a standardized body of text to be sent to users to prompt them for various activities and their respective status in VIDIZMO.

VIDIZMO allows its users to configure these emails and customize them based on business requirements.

To learn more about Email Templates, see: Understanding Email Templates.


Administrators and Managers are allowed to configure Email Templates in a Portal.

1. From the Portal's Homepage

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii Click on Control Panel.

2. From the Manage Portal navigation pane in Control Panel:

i. Expand Email & SMTP tab

ii. Select Email Templates

iii. From the bottom of the same screen, click Configure

3. From the Configure Email Templates pop-up, click Configure.

4. From the Email Template screen:

i. Hover over any template to see the edit icon appear at the end of the row and click on it.

5. From the Edit Email Template screen:

i. The name of the Email Template is displayed here.

ii. Enter the Subject of the Email to be sent to the user.

iii. Enter the Description for the email which corresponds to the event/activity regarding which the Email has been generated.

iv. Select Enable to activate email template for use within the application.

v. Enter or modify the Body of the email to be sent. VIDIZMO provides advanced editing facility by enabling the user to edit the body of the email using a sophisticated Text Editor, also displaying the look of the Email while they modify it.

vi. Here you can find commonly used terms/parameters that an organization may want to use in the Body of the email. They can be placed in the text using either drag-and-drop or double-clicking any of the available values.

vii. Click Save button to update your changes.

Note: VIDIZMO also allows you to configure default Email date and date-time formats. To learn more about how to do it, see:  How to Update Date and Time Settings using Application Configuration Keys in VIDIZMO


A notification will appear briefly stating: Email Template Updated Successfully.

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers are allowed to configure Email Templates in a Portal.