To ensure that no spam or unwanted content is uploaded on your Portal, VIDIZMO allows the Administrator or Manger of the Portal to enable content moderation through the General Settings screen. This means that any content uploaded by the Contributor will go to the Moderatorroles for moderation. 

Note: The content uploaded by the Contributor will not be published until it is approved by any of the Moderator+ roles in your Portal. If you have enabled content moderation

Here is how you can enforce content moderation:


1. From the Portal's Homepage, log in using Administrator or Manager credentials.

i. Click on the Menu Icon.

ii. Select Settings from Admin.


2. From the Portal Settings:

i. Click on Library to expand the list of operations that can be performed.

ii. Select User Generated Content (UGC).

iii. Next, select Allow Content Moderation check box to enforce content moderation.

iv. Now, in Required Number of Approvals field adjust the count of moderators needed for any media to be approved and published.

Finally, select the Update button to save changes.


A Moderator+ role can approve the content by following this article on How to Moderate Media.

Roles and Permissions

Managers and Administrators can configure content moderation in a Portal from Portal Settings.