VIDIZMO APIs use a bearer authentication scheme to authenticate HTTP requests. This means that if an app wishes to use an API which requires to be authenticated, then the app should pass a unique token called a bearer token in the header of the HTTP request 

Before you start

Get User Profile by Email Address

Following is an example of an API request made using a bearer token in header as well as a flow diagram. In this example we are fetching basic information of a user on the basis of their email address.

Request Method: GET

Request URL:  /api/v1/user/{emailAddress} 


Request Header: 


Response Status Code: 


Response Body:

"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Doe",
"emailAddress": john.doe@gmail.com,
"addedById": 575951,
"addedDateTime": "2020-06-02T06:35:10.99",
"updatedDateTime": "2020-06-19T13:23:47.58",
"lastLogOn": "2020-06-29T12:46:08.157",
"id": 575952,
"defaultTenantId": 6820,
"confirmationDateTime": "2020-06-02T06:35:58.21"

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