To deliver high quality, engaging video experience to a large audience, VIDIZMO offers a variety of features for media playback. The Playback Page is divided into distinct sections i.e. the Player, Transcription Pane, Feedback Bar, Comment Section and Related Media etc. VIDIZMO supports and generates user-friendly URLs for the Playback Page. This article discusses the features that each section offers.


VIDIZMO supports best-of-breed, industry-leading player that works optimally with any organization's network and enables smooth playback experience to viewers. With VIDIZMO player, you can:

  • Play/pause video or seek to click at any point in a video

  • Increase/decrease volume level

  • Bookmark the media playback page

  • Enable/disable subtitles from the bottom of the player

  • Select video resolution from given renditions or select auto

  • Speed up/down a video playback using different speeds for forward and rewind

  • Resume video from the last watched portion

  • Watch the video in full screen or theater mode

  • Preview thumbnail across the video for easier navigation

Transcription Pane

VIDIZMO allows it users to view the closed captions uploaded with the media file in Transcription Pane at the right-hand side of the player. By using this pane, the users can perform a number of actions on the media file's captions, such as: 

  • Search for a term within the transcript 
  • Increase/decrease the font size 
  • Editing the transcript 
  • Downloading the transcript
  • Navigating to a specific time in transcripts by using timed comments on the playback page

To read more, visit Understanding Transcription Pane in VIDIZMO.

Feedback Bar

VIDIZMO users can provide their feedback for the media uploaded on the Portal. These feedback options include:

Using the overflow menu beside the aforementioned options, you can:


VIDIZMO allows users to comment on media to increase user collaboration within the Portal. Users can also leave a timestamp within the comment, which is clickable and direct users to that specific point in a video. To know how to do that, read How to Comment on Media.

Related Media

VIDIZMO also offers a Related Media section at the right-hand corner, allowing viewers to navigate to media similar to the one they are currently playing back or usually , usually or recently played back. To read more about related media, visit How to View Related Media.

Roles and Permissions

All roles, namely Viewers, Contributors, Moderators, Managers and Administrators can access the Playback Page. The permissions may vary according to your configured settings.