If you are configuring VIDIZMO storage as your storage provider coupled with transcoding services using VIDIZMO On Premise Encoder, VIDIZMO provides an ease to its customers by automating the configuration process via VIDIZMO Setup Wizard. 

Setup Wizard allows you to initially set up your Portal's Storage Provider and Transcoder for a seamless user experience through out the application usage. It takes you through a series of easily configurable steps to help set up the system.

To learn more about Setup Wizard, see: Understanding Setup Wizard.

By default, VIDIZMO provides six different configurations for Storage and Transcoding Providers via Setup Wizard: 


Administrators and Managers are allowed to configure VIDIZMO Storage with  VIDIZMO On Premise Encoder using Setup Wizard in a Portal.

1. From the Portal's Homepage

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii Click on Control Panel.

2. From the Manage Portal navigation pane in Control Panel:

i. Select Setup Wizard.

ii. Click on Run Wizard Again.

Note: VIDIZMO provides a set of default configuration for your Storage and Transcoding Provider which can be overridden via Setup Wizard due to evolving business requirements. Furthermore, apart from the possible configurations, VIDIZMO also offers the flexibility of choosing any other Storage Providers or Transcoders that the organization may want to configure their application with. 

3.  From the Configuration tab:

i. Select VIDIZMO to configure it as your VIDIZMO Storage for your system, from a list of available options in the drop-down.

ii. Select VIDIZMO On Premise Encoder to configure it as your Encoder for your system, from a list of available options in the drop-down.

iii. Click Next to proceed to the next tab.

4. From the Storage tab: 

i. Provide the Local CDN Path configured for content storage and delivery in an On Premise deployment of your application.

ii. Provide the Storage Path that refers to the local path from where the content will be served. 

iii. Enter Local FTP Path which is the Portal's FTP folder name where all content uploaded via FTP will be stored. 

iv. Click Next to proceed.

5. From the Transcoder tab:

i. Uncheck Migrate Content. It is used to migrate data from one Storage Provider to another.

vi. Click Done.

A notification will appear briefly stating: Setup Wizard Started Successfully.

Note: You can track the progress of the Setup Wizard with respect to Storage and Transcoder configuration via Workflows. To learn more about it, see: How to View Workflows.

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers are allowed to configure VIDIZMO Storage with VIDIZMO Cloud Encoder using Setup Wizard in a Portal.