When a Portal's Manager or Administrator sends an invite request to a user, a confirmation message is sent to the user's email address. The user is then required to complete the registration process.

Read How to Add New Users to a Portal to know more about inviting users and sending them a confirmation email.


All users that are invited to join the Portal by its Manager or Administrator must perform the following steps in order to complete the registration process:

1. Open the email received by the Manager/Administrator of the Portal. An example of the email received is shown below.

i. Click on the button Click here to Complete your registration

2. You will be directed to a screen having a registration form:

i. Enter your First Name

ii. Enter your Last Name

iii. The email provided by the Manager/Admin while inviting you to the Portal is already entered and cannot be edited

iv. Set Password that conforms to the Password Policy defined by the Admin of the Portal. In this case, the password is required to be:

a. Minimum length of password should be 8 characters

b. Minimum 1 uppercase character(s)

c. Minimum 1 number(s) are required

d. Minimum 1 special character(s)

v. Confirm Password by entering it again

vi. Click the Register button to complete the process


3. You will be directed to a page telling you that you have successfully completed registration:

i. Click here to proceed to login screen

4. On Login screen:

i. Enter your email address

ii. Enter your password

iii. Click on the Sign In button

You will be able to login to the Portal successfully

Roles And Permissions

All users that are invited to join the Portal by its Manager or Administrator can perform these steps to complete their registration.