Media Viewing Access is governed primarily by your Portal's Settings, which makes it easy for users to set up access at Portal level so that they do not have to worry about security and privacy of their content. However, there may be occasions when you would prefer to define unique media accessibility permissions for each media in your Media Library. If you wish to allow viewing access to users outside your organization (customers, partners or general public users) then you can use VIDIZMO's Limited Sharing option.

VIDZMO provides you the functionality to assign:

  1. License to internal Portal users to view media against the following options:
    • Unlimited access
    • Duration of allowed access
    • Number of allowed views
  2. License to external users (non-members of the Portal who will be registered as public users and will only be able to view media specifically shared with them) to view media against the following options:
    • Unlimited access
    • Duration of allowed access
    • Number of allowed views
  3. License to anyone using a unique link to view media against the following options:
    • Unlimited access

Before you start

  • Moderators, Managers and Administrators can share media with specific users/groups.

Media Sharing Options

Using media settings, users can share media with specific Viewers and Groups in a Portal so that accessibility is limited to only those allowed to. Once specified, the Viewers and Groups (email configured against a group) receive an email message containing the link to playback the media.

Similarly, users can also share media with External Users who are not registered in any Portal with their personal email addresses. External Viewers are sent an invite to the portal, using which they can register as a Public user (email, username and password) and use those credentials to log in and access the media they have been assigned the license of.

1. From the Portal's Homepage, go to Admin > Media Manager. Select the media file on which you want to assign specific permissions.

Note: You can also access Media Settings directly from the Playback Page using the overflow menu below the player. To learn more about it, see: Understanding Playback Page

2. Under the Media Settings, select the Access tab. It has three main sections:

i. Who can access it?

ii. How to access it?

iii. When will it be available?

In the "Who can access it?" section, select Specific Viewers and Groups.

3. Clicking on the radio button for "Specific Users and Groups" brings up text input fields to search for viewers and groups.

i. These fields allow you to enter a keyword to search for specific users or groups.

ii. The entered search term pulls up users or groups that match the keyword or part of the keyword. 

iii. Similarly, in the Search Groups input field, enter a search term to Search Groups. All the members who are part of the selected group will have access to this video.

4. Selected Users and Groups appear in the text input field. 

i. List of added users and groups

ii. Optionally, you can assign a password to the video. In this case, the users will be required to contact Portal Administrators for the password to access the video.

iii. Once you are done making your selection, click on the Save and Close button to save your settings.

To remove users from the list, simply click on the " x " icon against the respective user or group.

5. The Save and Close button also acts as a trigger to send out emails to the selected users and those users in the selected group, a sample of which is shown below. Users can then log in to the VIDIZMO portal to view the video.

Steps for Sharing with External Viewers

VIDIZMO's Limited Sharing feature allows Managers and Administrators to share media with External Viewers who are not registered in any Portal with their email addresses. In this way, media is shared with anyone giving them limited/ controlled access or have the media disabled at any time. 

External Viewers also receive an email message however they are required to complete the registration process to proceed. 

1. From the Media Settings page:

i. Select Sharing tab.

ii. Then click on the Share button to open the Limited Sharing options.

2. The Limited Share feature offers the following options:

i. Share With: This option allows you to share your video with:

  • Specific Viewers or Groups in your Portal: Selecting this option loads text input fields to search for Users and Groups. Entering a search term or part of the term will bring up matching results in the respective fields for you to make a selection from.
  • External Viewers: Selecting this option enables an email text input field to allow you to enter comma-separated email addresses of external viewers. Once external viewers receive the link, they will have to register in a public portal to access the video.
  • Anyone with a Link: This option allows anyone with a link to access the video. 

ii. Here, you may select users and groups from within your Portal members if you are sharing media with Specific Viewers or Groups, or an Email Address of the external user you wish to share media with if you choose to go with External Viewers.

iii. Allowed Views: Set number of times the video can be played back; limited or unlimited.

iv. Times: In case of Limited Access, you can provide the number of times a viewer will be able to play back the video.

v: From/ To: Using From/ To dates, to the Hour/ Minutes, these fields allow you to define the period over which a viewer will have access to the video.

Click on Save Changes to proceed.

Note: When sharing a media using Anyone with a Link option, you will not be able to control accessibility of media based on duration and number of views. Anyone with the shared link will have unlimited access to the said media.

3. External Viewers will receive an email message containing the link to the video. Since the Viewer is not registered in the Portal, the link will redirect the user to the Complete Registration page after which the playback page will be accessible. To learn more about it, see: How to Complete your VIDIZMO Registration

Note: Completing the registration process registers the External Viewer in VIDIZMO as a Public user, however, it does not register them in your Account/Portal. This ensures that External Viewers are only able to view media that they have been explicitly given access permissions to, using the login credentials they choose during the registration process. Their access will be restricted to other published media in your library, otherwise accessible to your internal authenticated users.

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