Steps To Download From The Playback Page

Viewers cannot download files from the Media Manager but they can download from the Playback page provided Administrators have enabled downloading in the Media Settings to allow Viewers to download content.

1. Click on the red Add New Media (+) icon towards the bottom right-hand corner.

2. You will be redirected to the Add New Media page. Click on Upload Video to upload your media files.

3. From the Upload Video screen, drag-and-drop videos in the box or click on the link "Click here to Upload.

4. After you have selected your file to upload, you will be redirected to the Media Settings in the Media Manager. 

On the Basic tab: 

i. Enter the title for your uploaded media.

ii. Select a category from the drop-down menu. This will help you in classifying your content on the basis of shared characteristics.

iii. Enter the tags to increase your media's search visibility.

iv. Enter a description for your uploaded media. Your description is generally a detailed account of the certain or salient aspects, characteristics, or features of a subject matter or uploaded media.

The publish settings can be saved at any time during the upload process. 

The Save button allows you to save and continue to set up your video at every step as you proceed to the tabs or use the Save and Close to come back and edit the options later on.

The Close button will simply close the Settings window without saving any changes.

Note: You can monitor the uploading progress from the progress bar under the video thumbnail on the left-hand side. Moreover, you can also capture thumbnail for your media. To learn more, click on How To Capture And Upload Media Thumbnail. 

5. Next in the Media Settings is the Publish tab:

i. Set the Completion Criteria. You can adjust the completion criteria by moving the slider control.

ii. Using the checkboxes, enable the required options like allow transcriptions, social sharing, embedding, downloading, and comments etc.

iii. Use the Save or Save and Close button to save your settings.

Note: External viewers are only enabled if the Anonymous viewers from the Access tab is selected.

6. Click on the search icon without entering any search term to bring up the Portal's Homepage. Your media file should now be available at the top in the listing as the most recent Media, which is the default sort order. 

Click on the Media thumbnail or the Media Title to open the Playback page.

7. On the Playback page, select the Download icon to download the media.


8. A popup dialog bearing the relevant disclaimer message will be displayed. Click on Continue after reading this message.

9. Select the rendition in which you want the media to start your download.