The copy link feature allows you to copy the playback URL of a media file. Media's link can be copied from:

  • Media Manager (Moderator and above roles) OR
  • Playback Page (All users roles)

All links copied from the Player are time-based URLs. For instance, if a user copies the URL at 58 seconds then the link will playback the content from the same timeframe.

Note: If the Account/Portal is accessible by anonymous/external users, the URL will navigate the user to the desired media. However, in cases where the Account/Portal is limited to authenticated users, the media can only be accessed by registered VIDIZMO users. Also, the copied URL captures all the selected filters which were in place on the media so that the same result is displayed when the URL is shared with other users.

Steps to Copy Link from Media Manager

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the Media Manager to select the media.
ii. Towards the bottom right-hand side, click on the overflow menu to expand the list of operations that can be performed on the media.

iii. Select the Copy URL option.

3. A Copy Link window will appear. Click on Copy to copy the media link.

4. Paste the copied link into the address bar of your browser to view the media.

Steps to Copy Link from Playback Page

1. From the Portal's Homepage, Click on the thumbnail of your desired media file to be redirected to its playback page.

2. Your video will be available for playback and the playback screen will offer options like sharing, download, embed, related videos etc. that were set up during the video upload process.

i. Click on the Sharing link on the player to expand sharing options

ii. Click once on the chain icon to copy the URL in your clipboard

3. Paste the copied link from Step #2 into the address bar of your browser to playback the media.

Roles and Permissions

Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer can copy link from Playback page, while only Moderator+ roles can copy from Media Manager.