Media Library of a Portal provides the complete overview of the media uploaded within that Portal. This allows your Portal users to view, access, manage, sort and filter the media at one place. This facilitates the organization to make content easily-accessible, offers increased collaboration between the users and display the latest media for the users to view the organization's on-going activities. Moreover, the users can also manage, search and playback the media from Media Library.

Note: Only that media is displayed to the user in Media Library that they have been provided access to by the media uploader. Users can manage the accessibility and availability of media from the access tab in media settings. To learn more about it read How to access media

VIDIZMO's Media Library offers the following features to its users:

  • Centralized Access to all Media: As stated, all the media that is accessible to that user is displayed in Media Library, allowing a centralized management and searching of all media uploaded by different uploaders.
  • Categories: VIDIZMO allows its users to to define a category and its subcategories in Portal. These categories can be assigned to the media being published, allowing classification and organization of the media content, based on its purpose and relevance. These categories and sub-categories can be seen in the left-hand navigation panel in Media Library. This facilitates the user in searching and sorting the relevant media. To add a category, read How to Add Category and Sub-Category in Portal.
  • Filters: Filters allow the users to search through the content based on the media attributes that were defined while uploading the media. VIDIZMO offers some basic media attributes such as Media Type (audio, video, document etc.), Author's Name etc., while you can also choose to define your own custom attributes for the media being published and then utilize them here for better segregation and searching of content. Read more about it at How to Manage Custom Attributes.
  • Tags: Tags are keywords that describes and highlights the content to provide optimized search for users. VIDIZMO allows the users to predefine the tags that the uploader can choose from while publishing or modifying the media. Moreover, the users can add new tags when publishing the media, allowing them to utilize in Media Library for filtering content. To add a tag, read How to Configure and Use Enterprise Tags.
  • Share on Social Media Platforms: Some users want their content to be shared with a larger audience that is not part of the portal. To support this, VIDIZMO offers the feature to enable sharing of the Portal's Media Library page on social media platforms.
  • View: Media Library can be viewed in Detailed View (showing Author Name, Posting Date, Tags, Description, Views etc. for each media) or Thumbnail View (showing Posting Date and Views only). 
  • Sort: VIDIZMO allows you to sort your Media Library content based on Most Recent, Relevance, Title, Longest, Most Viewed, Total Likes and Popularity.
  • Overflow Menu for Media: Users can access certain media features from the overflow menu of the media displayed in Media Library. Depending on the configured settings of the Portal, these may include Media Settings, Like/Dislike the media, Add to Favorites, Share, Report or Download.
  • Track Video Portion Watched: Users can track their progress on videos directly via media library so that they can determine which videos have already been watched, or the part of the video that remains to be watched.