Most often, enterprise customers use their own Microsoft Azure account while utilizing their enterprise agreement with Microsoft. VIDIZMO is then hosted within customer’s Azure Account which helps customer's IT retain control of VIDIZMO application hosting, storage, encoding, streaming, content delivery network etc. This allows IT to control/manage VIDIZMO with their other assets stored in Azure. VIDIZMO is also connected to customer's active directory, SharePoint, LMS, CMS etc. Each channel within VIDIZMO is also configured to use a separate Azure Cloud subscription to allow separate internal costing/billing for each department within an organization. Microsoft Azure Cloud allows multiple subscriptions within one cloud account. As a result, customer is able to create subscriptions to be used by VIDIZMO application, and provides VIDIZMO team access to those subscriptions so they can perform management or update functions.

Another popular choice is to use VIDIZMO's Azure Shared Cloud or private cloud to utilize this service. We have noticed more customers opting for SaaS due to its ease of use, speediness of deployment and management, as well as its cost effectiveness.