1) Bring Your Own Cloud (VIDIZMO Managed):

VIDIZMO software installation in customer’s cloud/ Azure account is the preferred model for most enterprise customers. Customer only pays for VIDIZMO software licenses and services to install and manage VIDIZMO. Since VIDIZMO is installed in customer’s cloud account, customer retains full control over VIDIZMO environment and is free to enforce their own security and policies. In this scenario, customer remains responsible for all cloud consumption costs, however, customer pays lowest rate negotiated directly with cloud provider for CPU, Storage, Streaming, Encoding, Media Services etc.

2) Dedicated VIDIZMO-Provided Cloud (VIDIZMO Managed):

In this case, VIDIZMO is responsible for all costs such as VIDIZMO software, cloud consumption etc. Customer's IT and security policies are enforced by VIDIZMO to the extent possible.

3) Shared Cloud SaaS Model (VIDIZMO Managed):

This is the most cost efficient solution suitable for small to medium size enterprises with less stringent compliance and security requirements. This is a multi-tenant environment in which the customer pays a fixed yearly subscription fee that includes base software, Client Access Licenses (CAL), storage, encoding and streaming costs, for one ore more tenants (account or channels). Customer's demo or test accounts are typically hosted in this model.

4) On Premise Data Center or Private Cloud (Customer Managed):

In this case, the customer purchases VIDIZMO server software and CAL (Client Access Licenses) as the software is either installed on-premises or in customer's private cloud (such as Azure, Amazon, Google etc.). Software installation and configuration is either done by the customer or VIDIZMO's service team can be engaged to install software as required. The customer is then responsible for managing all VIDIZMO software upgrades and updates, with the option to avail Tier 2 or Tier 3 support from VIDIZMO.