VIDIZMO is now providing you the choice of commenting anonymously so that your registered identity can be hidden completely and you will feel more comfortable while sharing your thoughts . Additionally an anonymous user can also add comments . Anonymous comments can be optional or enforced based on the configured settings . If you are interested in having an in depth understanding regarding Anonymous Comments you can click here 

Steps To Enable Anonymous Comments for Registered Users

In VIDIZMO Manager and Administrator can configure the settings to let anyone comment anonymously or to let an Anonymous user comment .

1. From Portal’s homepage :

  1.  Expand Admin’s tab click on Portal’s settings .

2. From Portal setting’s screen

  1. Click on Library.
  2. Select Comments
  3. Click on Allow Comments in VIDIZMO portal to allow users commenting . Choose Allow Comment Moderation if you want the normal or anonymous comments to be moderated .
  4. Now , You can choose Allow Anonymous comments for enabling anonymous comments in the portal .
  5. The next option Enforce Anonymous Comments stop users to choose between commenting with their identity  being exposed or hidden . All the comments will become anonymous .
  6. Allow Moderator+ To Identify Users let the identity of commenter be only exposed to Moderator+ and leave it unchecked if you want the identity to be hidden completely .

3. Now , From Portal Settings :

  1.  Select Library .
  2.  Click on Default Publish Settings .
  3.  From here you can edit the Default Publish Settings for any Media Type you want . These default settings will be reflecting on mashup settings by default . All enabled settings will be visible here and you can choose to enable or disable them as default for media .

4. For configuring anonymous comments settings for specific Media 

  1. Click on the red Add New Media (+) icon towards the bottom right-hand corner. You will be redirected to the Add New Media page .
  2. Now click on Upload Video box to upload your media files.
  3. You can choose Upload Media , Create Playlist , Create Quiz or Create Survey according to your desire .
  4. Now while uploading a media or creating a quiz or survey click on Publish tab .
  5. Enable Allow Comments now three more options will be visible . Allow Comment Moderation , Allow Anonymous Comments , Enforce Anonymous Comments . 

   vi. For an existing media you can select any desired media and click on the three dots menu located at the right hand side

  then choose Settings and follow the same procedure .

Steps to Enable Anonymous Users To Add Comment 

1. From Portal Settings screen :

  1. Click on Privacy .
  2. Select Anonymous User Policy .
  3. From comments section enable Allow Users To View Comments and Allow users to add and manage their own Comments .

2. Click on the media you want anonymous users to comment on 

  1. On the right hand side expand the three dots menu .
  2. Click on  Settings .
  3. Click on Publish tab and enable Allow Comments .
  4. Options related to Anonymous Comments will now be Visible choose according to your desire .

3. From Access tab located right beside Publish

  1. Click on Anonymous Viewers on Who can access it ? So you can enable access of Anonymous viewers on that particular video .

Adding Anonymous Comments

1. After selecting the desired media you want to leave anonymous comment on 

  1. Enable the checkbox of Comment as Anonymous located beneath the comment box . Incase of Enforce Anonymous Comments being enabled this checkbox will not be visible .
  2. Add your comment and click on Post

Roles And Permissions 

Only Administrators and Managers can enable Anonymous comment settings . 

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