VIDIZMO users can comment on a media to give their views and opinions about the media. Comments are a simple way to provide feedback or simply drop in a note. The comments feature allows you to post a new text comment, either to respond to the video or join in on a conversation already taking place. In VIDIZMO, any user with a Viewer+ role is able to add a comment from the Media's Playback page. 


1. Using any Viewer+ role, log in to your Portal. While on the Portal's homepage, click on the media on which you would like to add your comment to open the Playback screen.

2. If the Media has Allow Comments enabled on it, the comments section will appear right below the player:

i. Add a comment in the text input field and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

ii. The comment gets added to the Media.

Note: If moderation has been enabled for this media then comments will not be visible unless they have been approved by a Moderator+ role.

iii. To edit your comment, use the Pen icon or delete the comment using the "x" icon.

iv. Clicking on the Pen icon converts the comment into an editable field to allow you to make changes to the comment.

v. If you wish to cancel the changes you made or exit without making any changes, click on the Cancel link.

Roles and Permissions

Any viewer who has the permission to view the media can comment on it, given that commenting has been enabled for that particular media file.