In recent times we have seen a number of people feeling hesitant from sharing their opinion as the society is becoming more captious . Anonymous comments allows people to be more confident and let them speak their heart out without any fear . Anonymous feedbacks and opinions can be brutal sometimes but we can’t deny the fact that it is the reality what people feel like about a certain thing . If you want to read about the complete procedure of enabling anonymous comment you can click here


VIDIZMO recently introduced Anonymous comments for both registered and anonymous users . Both of these settings are configurable and you can customize the permissions according to your desire . You can now add comments without being ridiculed or judged which will hopefully result in active participation without any fear . 

Allow Comments 

This option allows comment on overall portal or on a media . By enabling this you will be able to allow any other functionality related to anonymous comments . If you only enable this functionality you will be only allowed to leave a regular comment. To learn more about how to configure comments in portal, read here.

Allow Comment Moderation

This option will not allow any user’s comment to be published without it being moderated . Only Moderator , Manager or Administrator can comment without the comment being moderated or approved . If you enable comment moderation with anonymous comment. 

Allow Anonymous Comments 

This option enables Anonymous comments . After enabling this option the user will be able to choose between commenting anonymously or with their registered identities if Enforce Anonymous Comments is disabled . Only after enabling this option you will be able to view other options related to Anonymous comments .

Enforce Anonymous Comments  

This option enforces Anonymous comments in a way that all comments will become Anonymous and the user commenting will not be able to choose between commenting with their registered identities or anonymously . 

Allow Moderators to Identify Users 

This option enables Moderator+ roles to view identity of Anonymous commenter . Incase of disabling this option the identity will not be revealed to anyone and the commenter will remain completely Anonymous also the comments of Moderator+ roles will go through the process of moderation if this permission is disabled with comment moderation being enabled . 

Understanding Hierarchy of Settings For Anonymous Comments 

Portal Settings For Anonymous Comments 

Anonymous comments options in Portal settings will enable Anonymous comments on overall portal . After enabling Anonymous permissions from Portal settings the options related to Anonymous comments will appear in other settings as well . The specific options related to anonymous comments that are not enabled in Portal settings will not be visible in other settings . You can handle the enabled permissions for particular media in Media Settings .

Media Settings For Anonymous Comments 

Media Settings are to handle permissions for specific media . All the permissions that are enabled in Portal Settings will be visible here . Changing Anonymous permissions in Media Settings will just effect that particular media . You also have to provide Anonymous access to Media from Media Settings if you want Anonymous users to view and comment on that media 

Default Publish Settings For Anonymous Comments 

Default Publish Settings are the settings that will be implied on Media Settings options by default . You can edit these settings for different media types according to your desire . These settings can be changed for specific media from Media Settings while publishing . 

Anonymous User Policy For Anonymous Comments 

Anonymous User Policy controls the Permissions for Anonymous users . For allowing Anonymous users to add comments you have to do an additional step of enabling the permission of Allow users to add and manage their own Comments from Anonymous User Policy . Enabling Anonymous comments on both Portal and Media Settings will be required for in order to let Anonymous user to comment after enabling the permission from Anonymous User Policy .

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