02 November 2020

This Halloween, we had a feature apocalypse. While our engineering superheroes spent days and nights killing buggy zombies, we were busy revamping VIDIZMO city to be more accommodating than ever before. Here is a map to the new towns:

What's New

  • VIDIZMO greets you: Hola! Bonjour. Hallo. Namaste. And now you can greet and serve your Portal's audience with content in various languages so that they can completely tailor their experience as per convenience. HURRAH! Because happiness has no language.

  • Are you an architect? Here's us officially inviting you to redesign your VIDIZMO Portal with incredible power using our Theme Editor. Playing around with VIDIZMO components and whipping your own beautiful website could never be easier. Happy tears? Us too.

  • After receiving an amazing response from your guys regarding Brandable Categories, we moved a mile further to allow you to feature categories on your homepage and arrange them in a picture-perfect manner! Let's have the right content outshine others.

  • How long have you yearned to enjoy VIDIZMO's rich playback experience without the hassle of connectivity issues? Wait no longer. We bring offline playback capabilities using VIDIZMO Desktop Application. Drumroll, please.

  • "I do not have the permission to annotate my uploaded media, can you please upgrade my role?" Sounds familiar? Role Requests shall be a thing of the past with the power vested in you by VIDIZMO Group Permissions. You heard it right fella, now you can assign permissions for managing media directly to User Groups!

  • Using Permissions on Groups, you can now also allow users to update annotations created by other users. Moderation on a whole new level, you wonder? Well, here's reason #675992 to love VIDIZMO.

  •  While VIDIZMO always gave you the ease to browse content with ultimate ease, this release brings you capabilities of grouping together content in Personalized Playlists and Collections.

  • Now you can generate beautifully laid-out previews of your videos and interactively share them on Social Media sites from where they can be played back directly such as when shared on Twitter timelines.

  • For increased reach and accessibility, VIDIZMO allows you to enable indexing of your entire content library in one breezy step.

  • We all wish we could undo our life fiascos, no? Sadly that's a no-can-do. However, VIDIZMO allows you to retract your unintended actions and restore media that was mistakenly wiped off the Portal from the Recycle Bin. Because we care.

  • After multiple requests, we have rolled out the feature to showcase your organizational logo right in the header of the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Even after disabling various interactivities on a video directly from your Studio Space, it used to turn back on magically. Well, it was black magic. Got it back on track.

  • There was a glitch while uploading our Homepage Banner from two places in the application. Worry no more, we have removed the confusion.

  • In a few broader screens when Collection was played back, video frames were chopping off a bit from the bottom. Got them to behave like a good boy again.

  • For some reason, Comment Moderation was aging faster than anything else - fueled the oldie up with some energy shots. It's as young as VIDIZMO now.


  • With support of specifying the exact frame in a second at which you wish to annotate a video, you can now enjoy enriched Annotations experience with a Studio like feel.

  • Moderation workflow has been trained to intelligently determine who to bombard review requests with! This means that if you have not yet gotten a chance to moderate a video, you will not receive a review request again if the uploader thinks of making a change to the media under review. Your Outlook can breathe now.

  • We have brushed the edges of our Document Playback engines - and now you can peruse through your files with greater ease than ever before.