VIDIZMO users can showcase their most popular or most significant Categories on the Homepage of a Portal or Category page as featured. Setting Category as featured allows users to give prominence and quick access to their content. This is also a way of promoting new type of content to Portal users . To learn more about categories read, Understanding Categories

Users can set category as featured using Home Page tab from Portal Settings. Read further to learn how it's done.

Before you start

  • Only Manager+ users can mark a Category as featured.
  • Drafted Categories can not be marked as featured.

Display Category on Portal Homepage or Category Page

1. From the Portal's Homepage: 

i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Settings tab and you'll be directed to Portal Settings page.

2. On Portal Settings page,

i. Click on the Home Page tab to further expand its options.

ii. Then click on the Featured Category tab. 

iii. The Featured Categories section lists Categories that have been marked as featured.

iv. To add a new Category to the list, use the search bar to locate it. Selecting the Category from the list of matching results adds it to the list.

Control Visibility of Sub-Category

VIDIZMO allows you to control the visibility of Sub-Categories on your Portal Homepage and Category Page. Follow the steps below in order to learn about it

1. From Featured Categories page:

i. Hover over any Sub-Category to display the gear icon which controls the visibility.

2. Visibility Control modal will be opened, from here:

i. Selecting Display on Account Homepage would display the selected Sub-Category on the Homepage.

ii. Selecting Display on Parent Category Homepage would display the selected Sub-Category on the Parent Category's Page.

iii. Click on the Save Changes button. 

3. To determine the order in which your featured categories are enlisted on Homepage:

i. Hovering the mouse over the video enables the controls to drag-and-drop a category to your preferred position. This enables users to control the order of the Categories on the Homepage as per their preference. 

ii. Click on Update button at the bottom once done reordering.

4. To unmark a previously featured category as featured:

i. Select Categories you wish to remove from Featured Categories list.

ii. Click on Remove button at the bottom of the screen.

5. A brief notification will be displayed to notify the successful update. 

6. Your Featured Categories get displayed on the Homepage based on the order set in Step3 above.