VIDIZMO has built-in a feature of enabling site crawlers, which is also known as web crawlers, spiders or search engine bots. Web Crawler is a technical term for automatically accessing a website and obtaining data from the website through search algorithms which are managed by Search Engines like Google and Bing. This means, when enabled on your Portal, these site crawlers may index your Portal and its contents (audio, video, image, document, playlist, collection, quiz, survey) so that this information can be retrieved, in search results of popular search engines, when a relevant search is made over the internet.

VIDIZMO allows Web crawlers to index the following four key components of your Portal.

  1. Portal Title
  2. Portal Description
  3. Media Title
  4. Media Description 

Note: Search Engines may take from few a hours to several days to index your Portal and its content. To learn more about it, read: How Search organizes information

It is ideal to keep this feature disabled if you are using VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System. In this way, VIDIZMO will not allow site crawlers to index your Portal's sensitive and confidential content.


Before you start

  • Manager+ portal users can enable site crawlers. 
  • The Portal Viewing Access and content Access should be configured as Anonymous in order to allow web crawlers to work on your Portal. 

Steps to Enable Site Crawlers

Site Crawler functionality can be enabled by following the below steps.


1. From the Portal Homepage;

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left corner.

ii. Click on the Admin tab.

iii. Click on Portal Settings, to open the portal settings page.

2. From the Portal Settings page:

i. Click on the Branding option, to expand it.

ii. Navigate to the Search Engine Visibility and Social Sharing, and click to open it

iii. in the Search Engine Visibility and Social Sharing screen, check the option Encourage search engines to index your portal

iv. Click on the Submit button, to enable Search Engine Visibility on your portal.

A confirmation notification will appear showing Portal Information Updated Successfully.

Note: To disable Site Crawlers simply uncheck the option shown above.