In VIDIZMO, Offline Playback is a feature in video streaming that allows you to watch video content, listen to audio, view images, and documents without the need to be connected to the Internet.  The content will be saved to your device. You can access the content from My Downloads. When you play the content, it will not stream from the server but will play from your device. This will save your bandwidth and the content will be played seamlessly without any buffering.


VIDIZMO Offline Playback with VIDIZMO Desktop Client provisions a more convenient way of browsing and enjoying content at the ease of one's own comfort and availability with no network dependencies. VIDIZMO allows users to centrally manage their downloads and helps them keep their content's meta-information synced at all times to be able to enjoy content without any concerns of outdatedness. This technique relies on the utilization of local storage space to physically save media content selected by the user in their desktops.

To learn more about the installation process, see: How to Download and Install VIDIZMO Desktop Application.

Supported Formats for Offline Playback

An authorized VIDIZMO portal user may download the following content to be watched offline. 

  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Playlists
  • Collections
  • Private Playlists
  • Private Collections

VIDIZMO also provides the flexibility of downloading entire Categories with all their sub-Categories and associated content. However, this process may be time-consuming depending upon the media content within the downloaded Category.

Syncing Offline Media

To help you keep up to date the offline downloaded media, VIDIZMO provides Syncing Offline Media functionality. It helps VIDIZMO Desktop Application users to sync any changes (re-upload, metadata update, etc) in the media downloaded for offline playback only on a single click.

Offline Download Statuses

In Progress

This status represents the content you selected for offline download is progressing towards completion.

Note: The offline download progress directly depends upon internet bandwidth and the file size selected by the user for offline playback.

In Queued

If a user starts to download further media file(s) to be watched offline but another file is already In Progress, then the status of the new media file(s) would be In Queue.


Once the media file has been downloaded successfully, its status will be marked as Completed and it can be watched offline seamlessly.


If you lose your internet connectivity while While downloading media for offline playback, then the media status of that media will be marked as Interrupted. 


In case a user faces continuous network connectivity issues while downloading a media file to watch offline. VIDIZMO desktop client will attempt three times to download that media. After the 3rd attempt, the download status will be marked Failed and no further attempt will be made.

What If Downloaded Media...

Is Deleted from Portal

In case the media file(s) which was downloaded for offline playback has been deleted from the portal, then, it would automatically be deleted from My Downloads section as soon as it is attempted to be played back when online. 

Has its Settings Updated

In case an authorized portal user updates Access or Sharing settings of media that were already downloaded for offline playback, the impact shall reflect on the media as soon as it is attempted to be played back when online. Similarly, when a downloaded media is associated with a different category, the change is reflected on My Downloads when the changes are synced.

Has Associated Timed Data

Any Timed Data (Closed Caption, Drone Data, Quizzes, Surveys, etc) associated with a media file will also be downloaded with that media for offline playback. If in case a Quiz within the downloaded video is updated, the Sync-Changes button against it, when pressed online, shall update the downloaded media.

Is Password Protected

In case of downloading media (single or bulk) for offline playback, which is password protected, the user will have to enter the password for that media content before downloading it for offline playback.

Is not yet Processed 

If an authorized user tries downloading a media file that is not yet uploaded successfully to the portal (renditions of that media did not yet generate). Then VIDIZMO Desktop Client would show the below-mentioned intimation.

Either your media is undergoing processing or you do not have any renditions available for download. Try downloading at a later time maybe.