Desktop Application runs natively on any computer system. These applications are efficient because of the fact that they do not require any browser to run upon, which further eliminates browser dependencies. Also, there are organizations that are very specific about the browser choice, and using a browser that is not fully compatible with the application can limit the application's usage. To help you avoid browser dependencies and make your employees comply with organizational policies, VIDIZMO offers a Desktop Client to its valuable customers.



VIDIZMO specializes in delivering scalable and comprehensive video streaming and management solutions across multiple verticals within the industry. With a highly secure and reliable content platform, VIDIZMO caters to various diverse industries – all in a centralized and highly integrated solution. Keeping in view the high demand for the ability to seamlessly launch application along with other crucial business suites of apps, VIDIZMO offers a desktop client, that runs in Windows, Mac, and Linux. VIDIZMO desktop client is space-efficient and only needs a few MBs of disk space, therefore, it works seamlessly on nearly all machines that are capable of running a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

Portal Experience

By opting for a technology that enabled us to create the same comforting portal experience for you as in Web, VIDIZMO’s Desktop Client helps you perform all regular functions with the same ease as in the web application, if not more.

From enjoying seamless playback of your bookmarked content to fixing your branding style-guide via Portal Settings, you will be able to explore, use and configure all features of VIDIZMO Application, apart from a few minor administrative exceptions that are indicated in the section below. Here is a glimpse of Desktop application bound with one of VIDIZMO Portals.

Portal Switching

VIDIZMO offers a multi-tenant video platform with independent Portals for each department. Each portal has complete media and user segregation that provides Portal-level autonomy for defining all Portal management policies, branding, streaming, geographical hosting (in cloud/ on-premise), single sign-on, licensing, etc. to meet department-specific privacy, security and compliance needs.

VIDIZMO desktop client gives the functionality of switching Portals. So the authentic users can get access to the shared portals using the same credentials. For switching portal all, you need to do is click on the option for Portal Configuration using your main navigation menu at the top left of your home page, and enter the Portal URL which you wish to bind with the Portal.

Installation Prerequisites

This section specifies the minimum hardware configurations required by the VIDIZMO Desktop Client and the operating systems where the client can be installed. In general, the better the hardware configuration of your computer, the better your experience will be. To achieve a more satisfying experience with Desktop Application, it is highly recommended that your system be is substantially better than the minimum requirements specified in the following sections. 

Note: To read the step by step process for downloading VIDIZMO Desktop Client, click to, see: Downloading VIDIZMO Desktop Application


For installing VIDIZMO Desktop Application in Windows Operating System you should have Windows 7 or above with at least 600 MBs of free Hard Disk Space in your system.


The following are the most used Linux distributions where VIDIZMO Desktop Client can be installed. Please note you should have at least 600 MBs of free Hard Disk Space in your system. 

  • Ubuntu 12.04 or above 
  • Fedora 21 or above 
  • Debian 8 and later 

Mac OS

For installing and running VIDIZMO Desktop Application smoothly and efficiently in macOS, you should have macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or above with at least 600 MBs of free Hard Disk Space in your system.

Client Updates Management

VIDIZMO desktop client updates automatically with no IT administrator intervention required. The Desktop App checks for the updates every time it launches (but not at the time of browsing content), and whenever an update is available, the client will automatically download the update and install it upon the launch of the application in your desktop.  

Note: The updates will be installed forcefully, meaning the end-user will not be able to interrupt the updates downloading process. 


Currently, VIDIZMO Desktop Client is in its nascent stage, therefore, there are a few limitations that our valuable customers can face which are listed below;

  • Zoom or BlueJeans OAuth flow won't work from the desktop client.
  • Manager+ users will not be able to change the domain of the portal from the desktop client.