22 April 2020

We realized our bad habits were going to affect us some way or the other, whether they are related to hygiene or coding. So along with the development of new feature sets, we made sure to vaccinate every little snippet of our application. Unlike us during this intense time of COVID-19, our Product is completely out of danger now.

What's New

  • By integrating with another of video-conferencing industry leaders BlueJeans, we at VIDIZMO, are trying to ease conferencing workflows to help streamline academic as well as corporate communications in such tough time of the pandemic. Learn more about the integration here: Understanding VIDIZMO-BlueJeans Intergation.

  • Understanding how law enforcement agencies are ready to take advanced measures to safeguard the integrity of digital evidence, we incorporated a powerful mechanism within our DEM system for Content Tamper Detection. Read more about it here: How can you enable Tamper Detection in Portal.

  • In order to empower organizations to achieve remote surveillance capabilities along with detailed data analysis, we bring KLV Data Extraction & Analysis. To learn more about it, see: Understanding Geo-Spatial Data Analysis within Videos.

  • Another invaluable addition to our system has been the ability to maintain an elaborate log report for every media (or digital evidence) ingested into VIDIZMO to empower your organization to generate a juristic Chain of Custody report. Learn more about it here: Understanding Chain of Custody.

  • Eliminating all browser dependencies and bringing you an experience as smooth as your web portal, VIDIZMO takes pride in releasing its Desktop Client, that can be installed on your PCs for a seamless video experience. Learn more about it here: Understanding Desktop Client.

  • Furthering our support with major SSO providers, we have added native integration with Ping Identity SSO Provider to enable organizations to easily set up their corporate login of choice when using VIDIZMO. This is how you may integrate with Ping Identity: How to configure SSO using Ping Identity.

Bug Fixes

  • Continuing to better our application, we fixed minor UI and branding issues to ensure your style guide remains as flawless as your organizational emblem.

  • We encountered an ugly hack to download a password-protected image/document from the portal, took it by its tail and dragged it out of the system.

  • Seems like your audience could only view the latest tweets during your live broadcast in your Twitter feed, oops. Fixed the scroll now.

  • When you configured and enables more than one SSO providers in VIDIZMO, the log in screen looked a little cluttered with various login options and messages. Rest assured, our Design maestros saved the day.


  • We have been constantly enriching our Digital Evidence System experience, by moderating its flows to cater to the needs of the law enforcement and surveillance agencies and organizing information in a manner where it is both, readily understandable as well as easily accessible.

  • To ease moderation workflow, we have added profile icons to indicate the status of approval/rejections by any moderator.