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Enabling Content Tamper Detection

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Evidence tampering is a criminal offense. It is an act in which a person alters, falsifies, or conceals evidence with the intent to interfere with an investigation process being monitored by law enforcement, government or regulatory authority. To help detect Evidence integrity, VIDIZMO provides Tamper Detection functionality in its Digital Evidence Management (DEM) system.

Content tamper detection works in a way that, when an evidence has been uploaded, its hash stores in the database. Now, whenever an authorized user verifies that evidence a new hash re-generates and compares it to the one which was generated earlier. If both Evidence hashes found to be the exact same then the evidence would mark Un-tampered, and Tampered in the other case. Click to, see: How to Detect if an Evidence has been Tampered.

To learn about Content Tamper Detection, see: Understanding Evidence Tamper Detection. Please read further to know how Evidence Tamper Detection functionality can be enabled in your DEM system.

Before you start

  • Managers and Administrators of the Portal can turn on Content Tamper Detection App.

Enabling Evidence Tamper Detection

Content Tamper Detection functionality can be enabled by following the below steps.


1. From the Portal Homepage;

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left corner.

ii. Click on the Admin tab.

iii. Click on Portal Settings, to open the portal settings page.

2. From the Portal Settings:

i. Click on Apps option, to expand it.

ii. Navigate to the Content Processing, and click to open it

iii. Now, click on the toggle button against the Tamper Verification, to enable Tamper Detection functionality. 


A confirmation message will be displayed saying Portal Information Updated Successfully.

Note: Tamper detection will start working (which means start storing the hashes of content), on the newly uploaded media, once the app is enabled. Tamper Detection will not identify any content tampered before enabling this application (since the hashes were not stored at that time to be compared). If you want to use content tamper detection on the content uploaded previously from now on, you will have to run content tamper detection on each content file. To learn about Content Tamper Detection, see: Understanding Evidence Tamper Detection

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