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Before you start 

Evidence Inspection 

Image Inspection Controls 

Video Inspection Controls 

General Evidence Controls 

Evidence Info Tab

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Evidence Inspection is perhaps the most used and needed functionality in Digital Evidence Management. It is the process of interpreting the evidence to determine its significance to the case.  

General forensic principles apply when examining digital evidence. Different types of cases and media may require different methods of examination. Searching for keywords in videos, annotating specific portions of an image for detailed investigation, sharing evidence with other officers, magnifying, rotating, evidence, etc. are those features that can speed up the entire investigation process. VIDIZMO offers Evidence Inspection feature in its Digital Evidence Management System, which can make the Police and Law Enforcement Agencies work more efficiently.   

Before you start 

Evidence Inspection 

1. For inspecting an Evidence, login to your portal and then; 

i. Navigate to My Cases folder and click to open it. 

ii. Select the case of which evidence is required to be inspected.  

iii. From the evidence screen, select the evidence that needs to be investigated. 

Image Inspection Controls 

2. Below are the image inspection controls that VIDIZMO offers. 

i. Rotate Left: This option can be used to rotate an image 90 digress towards left. 

ii. Rotate Right: This option can be used to rotate an image 90 digress towards the right. 

iii. Zoom Out: This button can be used to Zoon Out an image.

iv. Zoom In: This button can be used to magnify or Zoom In an image. 

v. Annotate: This option is for creating annotations. Click here for Understanding Annotations. 

vi. Reset: Use this option to reset all changes which were made during the evidence investigation e.g. zoom in, rotate, etc. 

vii. Hide/View Annotations: This option is useful if you want to hide or unhide the annotation in evidence. 

viii. Renditions: This option is used to toggle in the available image qualities.


Video Inspection Controls 

In reference to step 1. Below are the most useful video evidence controls which are available in VIDIZMO.


Evidence's Transcription Tab: 

On the Evidence's Transcription Tab, you can see all the generated transcriptions for the video evidence, and it leads you to the point/time where the person in the video says specific words/sentences which can help in investigations, the available options in transcription tab are: 

i. You can search the words or phrases from video evidence. 

ii. You can change the font-size of the transcription text. 

iii. You can edit the transcription with your own words or phrase. 

iv. You can download the transcription file. 

v. You can change the transcription language (if you have added the closed captions file for different languages). 

Click here for Understanding Transcription Pane in VIDIZMO

Evidence's Insights Tab: 

On the Evidence's Insights Tab, the following options are available; 

i.  Search Insights for relevant labels, keywords, etc. and navigate to that specific point in the evidence where they are being talked about. 

ii. You can see a list of Faces that have been extracted from within evidence.  

iii. Next, you can view the Labels that have been associated with your evidence.  

iv. In addition to that, you can view Topics inferred from the context of your content, and the flow of conversation/speech within the video evidence.  

v. Here you can see the Emotions of the person in the video evidence.  

vi. Additionally, you can view the Keywords extracted from your evidence after a thorough analysis of its audio and video.

vii. Interestingly, it also gives you an effective, easy-to-comprehend Sentiment analysis report highlighting the emotional connotation of the content in question.  

Click here for Understanding Video Insights.  

Note:  Please note that Evidence's Transcription and Insights Tab will only be visible if you have configured & enabled the Azure Video Indexer on Content Processing Apps on Portal. Here you can read more about How to Configure Video Insights in VIDIZMO Portal using Azure Media Indexer

General Evidence Controls 

On the top-right corner of the video evidence screen below options are provides;  

i. You can download the evidence. (of the authorized user has made enabled downloading) 

ii. Share: This button allows you to share evidence with others through e-mail. 

iii. Add to Quick Access: This option can be used to add evidence to the Quick Access folder. So, the next time this evidence can be found quickly. 

iv. Clip: Clip option provides the functionality of capturing specific portions of video evidence so the only important portions of the video evidence can be viewed. Click here to know more about How to Clip Media from Media Manager.

v. Settings: This button allows you to edit the settings for the evidence. 

Evidence Info Tab 

On the Evidence's Info Tab, you can see the followings options: 

i. Basic Information: It provides the Basic Information for evidence like Author, Type, Folder, Uploaded On, Description, etc. 

ii. Tags: Here you can see the tags given to this evidence for better searchability. 

iii. Comments: Here you can discuss related to the evidence by adding comments. 

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