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A survey is a method used for collecting data from a pre-defined set of users/respondents to get information and insights on a topic of interest – for a company. The survey provides a critical source of data and insights for nearly everyone engaged in the information economy, from businesses and the media to government and academics.   

VIDIZMO provides a survey option to its valuable customers. This survey(s) can be standalone or placed at any time in a video for any below-mentioned purpose (but not limited to these only) reasons;  

  • Target external audience for marketing and lead capture.  
  • Track customer satisfaction levels.  
  • To prove or disprove a hypothesis about their competitors etc.  
  • Compare brand awareness in the comparison of their competitors'.  

Click here to know about: How to create a Survey or  How to add a Survey in a video.  


VIDIZMO provides you the functionality of creating a single or multiple-page Survey for lead capturing or to keep track of customers’ satisfaction. Which can be displayed to the viewers at any predefined time in a video. The Survey creator has a provision of marking the question mandatory or optional as per the requirements. You can read more about it by clicking here: How to Create a Survey  

A Survey can be split into two major components:

Survey Questions

In a Survey you can ask three types of questions;  

Single Choice/Selection Questions  

Single Choice Questions are those questions is a Survey where a user is prompted to pick only a single response/answer from a pre-determined set of responses/choices made available by the Survey Creator. They are effective in determining user’s understanding and satisfaction from the product or service.  

The single Choice Questions can also be used as Yes/No, True/False and/or gender selection type of question as well.  

An example of a Single Choice/Selection Question can be;  

What kind of music do you like?  

Select one option from below  

  • Rock  
  • Jazz  
  • Pop  

Multiple Choice Questions  

Multiple choice questions allow your respondents to select more than one answer from a list of answers that you defined. They help produce easy-to-analyze, mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive data and are easy to use. Because the answers are fixed, therefore, the respondents have an easier survey taking experience.   

Descriptive Questions

Lastly, we have open-ended questions that can be used to get a user’s feedback on the quality of the questions presented in the survey, or general conceptual analysis of a product feature. Whatsoever it may be used, it serves a crucial purpose in obtaining valuable insights into what the reader/viewer has to say about your content, product and/or services.  


A Page is a way to segregate questionnaire in a Survey into relevant sections that have their descriptions (provided by the Survey Creator). A Page helps organize Surveys in a more effective manner giving an option to the designer/creator taking the viewer to more specific questions from the general one as the user progresses.  

Use-Case Scenario  

Use-Case Scenario  

VIDIZMO allows you to create a Survey which has rapidly become the number one tool that market researchers use to collect data. The advent of surveys has led to the widespread use of quantitative surveys in order to collect, gather, and use data that can contribute to a more effective business model, better marketing strategies, improved customer experience, employee turnover cause identification, and more. Below are a few scenarios where surveys can be used.  

Lead Generation Survey  

The standalone and/or video Lead Generation Survey is undoubtedly an effective way to collect insights such as gender, name, email, and other contact information about your prospects, so you can optimize your interaction with them, and ultimately sell your products or services more efficiently.   

Market Research Survey  

If you are trying to find the answers to the questions like;  

  • How and where the products are purchased?  
  • What is the customer needs?  

So, these questions can be answered by the market research survey. It allows you to find out “what your potential market thinks”? This sort of survey can be used when no related data and insights are available yet. For example, to measure how your target audience feels towards a new product you’re about to launch.   

Employee Satisfaction Survey  

This type of Survey method is used to gauge whether employees are happy and satisfied with their work environment. These surveys are helpful in measuring and understanding your employees’ attitudes, feedback, motivation, and satisfaction. And you will discover if all the company’s objectives are clearly represented by managers.  A few helpful questions regarding the employee satisfaction survey could be;  

  • How many times did you feel stressed at work?  
  • How well do coworkers pay attention to your input at work?  
  • Do you feel valued?  

Customer Satisfaction Survey  

VIDIZMO offers you to create a standalone or in video Customer Satisfaction Survey functionality.  It is probably the most widely used form of Surveys. This type of survey can help companies and organizations quickly and accurately measure how pleased their customers are with your product, services, event or with the company in general.  

Survey Creation

Survey creation has never been easier given the intuitive Survey creation and design process. It only takes to drag and drop the type of your question (e.g. Multiple Choice or Descriptive) to your Survey page.   

Note:  A Survey can only be created by Administrators, Managers or Moderators in VIDIZMO Portal. Learn more about User Roles here.  

  • Give your Survey a title.  
  • Drag and drop questions to your Survey Page.  

Tada! You are ready to publish it. For more advanced options such as determining the questionnaire order for your users, grouping questions topically on separate pages, setting up a time limit, etc. you can read about it here: How to Create a Survey  

Survey Experience

You can conduct a Survey from any predefined set of users, given they have the credentials/rights to attend the Survey. A Survey having Anonymous access can be shared via a link as well. However, it is advisable to share it with specific users/groups within VIDIZMO to keep a track of the responses and generate a more meaningful report to gain insights into participants' interest and/or understanding. 

Survey Reporting  

VIDIZMO brings a unique touch to analyze and visualize the data gathered from the audience, in the form of a visually appealing dashboard. These dashboards can be crucial in the decision-making process.  

Note: Only Administrators and Managers can view Survey Analytics Reports for a Quiz in VIDIZMO Portal.  

There are valuable perspectives to VIDIZMO Survey Reports, which can help Survey Creator get detailed insights into users’ who have attempted the Survey as well as how the Survey was designed based on structure.   

Individual Respondent Drill-down Report  

The most interesting kind of Survey report is a drilled down report of how each individual question has attempted. This greatly helps in process improvements, product/services improvement, bringing new features in the product, market analysis, employee satisfaction, etc.   

Response Stats and Average Spent Time Report  

When it comes to performing analysis on Survey Respondents and their responses. Response Stats and Average Time Spent plays the role of KPI. The Survey dashboard provides these two counts at a glance once you open the Survey Analytics. It can be helpful in identifying the interaction element of the Survey you can make changes on the basis it.  

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