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Before you start

Go to Studio Space

Insert Survey within Video

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VIDIZMO helps you address all concerns regarding whether your content is reaching the targeted audience with the intent it was designed to? Or is it that the outreach numbers do not truly represent the engagement graph of the viewers with your value-rich content?

Now with VIDIZMO Surveys, you can create and set up interactive in-video Surveys for your audience right after an interesting segment or at the end within your content to gauge your audience's understanding of the content and crunch the right numbers to substantially improve video-making strategies.

Before you start

  • Make sure you log into your Portal as an Administrator, Manager or Moderator to be able to use Studio Space to insert a Survey within a video
  • The Survey you wish to insert should already be created and designed so that you can search and insert it in the Studio Space. Learn more about adding a Survey by going through How to design a Survey.
  • To understand more about Studio Space, and how certain options will redefine your interactive video experience, see: Understanding Video Interactivity using Studio Space.

Go to Studio Space

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. From the top left navigation menu, expand the Admin tab and click on the Media Manager to manage your portal's media centrally.
ii. After locating the video you wish to add interactive media to, click on its overflow menu.

iii. Go to Studio Space.

Insert Survey within Video

1. Here you are at your very own Studio Space, from where you can add interactive media to enhance your audience's streaming experience. Here's how:

i. Click on Survey to add one at any point during a video.

ii. Here, you will see a list of all interactive surveys added within a video, in your case none. Click on Add New to proceed.

2. Now comes your playground, here is how you can choose survey and determine player behaviour when it renders during your video:

i. Using a quick drop-down, select any of the Survey published in your portal to be added here.

ii. Load at allows you to drop your survey on any point in the video using the scrubber below the player while viewing the video content at that point for ease of context.

iii. Specify Availability is a rather interesting feature that allows you to set a particular duration within a video during which the viewers can voluntarily opt to take survey on their own. In case they don't, the Survey will pop up at the end of that duration (oops!)

v. Similarly, for ensuring that the survey is unobstructed during a viewer's experience, there is an option for designers to allow users to skip for seamless video streaming.

vi. After you are done designing your audience's experience with the Survey you just added, you can choose to add another survey by clicking on Add New. Similarly, if you change your mind and wish to redo the designing from scratch, you can briskly remove the survey too.

vii. Now's the time to tell the world! Click on Publish button at the top right to propagate your changes to your video, otherwise click Discard to lose the masterpiece you just created.

Note: If you happen to refresh the page during the process by error or chance, your changes will not be saved. So make sure to press Publish as soon as you think you've reached the mark!