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Viewing Assigned Cases and Evidence

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Within law enforcement agencies, it is a common use-case for various investigative officers to be working collaboratively on a single case while functioning in their own respective domain or assignment of the case to a different inspector altogether. One most common cause for transfer of a case’s responsibility is the process that involves forensics experts to gather data from an incident location but another detective or investigative officer who is held responsible for its resolution. VIDIZMO's Digital Evidence Management has a view dedicated to Assigned media where an officer can easily access digital evidence and cases shared with him/her. 

Learn more about How to Share Media with Specific Users and Groups. 

Before you start

  • Only authenticated users within a VIDIZMO portal can be assigned a limited share license against the media.

Viewing Assigned Cases and Evidence


1. To view Cases assigned to you, log in to the portal. 

i. Navigate to the Assigned folder. 

ii. Click to open it. 

iii. Here you can see all the Cases assigned to you.



2. To view assigned Evidence;  

i. In the above screen, click on the Cases filter. 

ii. Select evidence from the drop-down. 

iii. In the new screen, you will be able to view all the evidence assigned to you.