A data-driven organization achieves its goals faster than others as they work with tools and techniques to gain deeper insights into the market, consumer demands, competitors, and their products. They turn their business queries into data-informed decisions rather than acting on hunches. Enterprises are now making use of Business Intelligence (BI) applications and data analysis tools to carry out the results that are necessary for the growth and sustainability of a company.

VIDIZMO offers a Reports Dashboard with visual charts representing insightful data which can not only be used to track, analyze and display key performance indicators (KPI) for your marketing campaigns and audience outreach but also helps to demonstrate platform usability metrics for the end-users based on player performance reports.


VIDIZMO provides detailed analytics that is used to track the Portal data usage, engagement trends, performance insights, and more. These reports can be used in the decision-making process of organizations to plan and improve their content for the customers.

VIDIZMO has divided its Reports Dashboard into four sections so that the concerned users may quickly and efficiently find the required infographics and stats. 

  • User Engagement
  • Audience Overview
  • Content Interaction
  • Performance

You may also extract data behind each visualization and convert charts into tables by clicking on the download and table buttons respectively. To learn more about it, read: How to filter and Extract Reports from Reports Dashboard

User Engagement

This is the first section in the Reports Dashboard. Here, at the top, you can see some of the most desired stats such as Total Views (registered and anonymous), Total Unique VIewers, Time Played (total time in hours for which portal content has been watched/view), and Total Completions.

In the second row, you will see ordinal rankings of:

  • Top Media: Media content having maximum views
  • Top Contributors: Those portal users who have uploaded the most content
  • Top Registered Users: Users who have the most views, comments, and likes on the portal content.

Info Impression denote the total number of times users have accessed this media's playback page. Completions is the total number of times viewers have completely watched the video. The completion criteria can be set in the media's settings or while uploading. The video is marked and tracked as completed when the viewer reaches that point in media.

The Portal contains unique data on which the reports are generated. The trend graphs show the usage and interactivity periodic trends of the users in the Portal that helps in analyzing how many users are involved in watching/viewing content. It also tells how many users skipped the videos, which videos are not liked and are passed on by users.  

Media Summary & User Activity Summary

These two drilled down-reports help you get impressions, views, completions and time played count for each portal content and user. VIDIZMO also allows you to sort data in ascending or descending order in the tables by clicking on the column header.  

Audience overview

This is the second section in Reports Dashboard. Here, you will find useful infographics about:

  • Top Devices: This bar-graph will show you the insights of impressions, views, and completion of your portal's content in three major device classes namely Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet. 
  • Top Browsers: This interactive donut chart helps you get browser wise statistics, that was used to view and access your portal content. You may select the type of insights from the list of available filters such as impressions, views, completions, and so forth.
  • Demographics: In VIDIZMO, the demographics can be seen according to different parameters like views, impressions, completions, and time played. This helps a company in improving its content, making it more attractive, and can provide faster service in the area where they are being watched or searched the most.

Content Interaction

This is the third section in the Reports Dashboard. Here, you will find useful infographics about:

  • Most Rated: This indicates the total likes portal content has gotten from content viewers. 
  • Total Comments: This indicator reflects the count of total comments your content has received.  
  • Total Favorites: This denotes the number of times your portal content has been marked favorite.  
  • Total Shares: Here you can see the number of times your portal content has been shared
  • Recent Activity: From this section, you can quickly see the Recent Activities carried out by portal users such as comments or feedback provided on media. 
  • Portal Statistics: This section helps you get Portal Statistics including the count of Downloads, Embeds, and Forms (Quiz & Surveys) Submitted in a glimpse
  • Interactivity Trends: This Multiline Label graph helps you visually identify the trends of Like, Comments, Favorites, Embeds, Shares, and Downloads in a single graph. One can check/uncheck any of the mentioned Legends from the top to view only the required trends.
  • Media Summary & User Activity: These two tables help you get number of  Like, Comments, Favorites, Embeds, Shares, and Downloads for each content and user of the portal. 
  • Feedback Summary: This visualization helps you see the types of feedback received on the uploaded content. 


VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box analytics to its customers for tracking the end-users Quality of Experience (QoE). These analytics cover during and after-delivery statistics for every uploaded media. Customers can use this expansive list of analytics to assess video delivery experience, identify and resolve any Quality of Service (QoS) issues, thereby improving the QoE for end-users. To learn more about it, read: Understanding Media Quality of Experience (QoE)

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