A company with a data-centric mindset achieves its goals faster than others as they work with tools and techniques to gain deeper insights into the market, competitors, and products. They turn their business questions into data-informed decisions rather than acting on hunches. Besides this, some businesses are still struggling upon how to make a leap from raw data to tactical information that creates value in the market. Organizations are now making use of Business Intelligence (BI) and data analysis tools to carry out the results that are necessary for the growth and sustainability of a company. They integrate dashboards in the applications to have real-time data analysis reports for quick assessment and review.

VIDIZMO allows you to analyze the usage of your uploaded content on a continuous basis. VIDIZMO generates these analytics for every media file uploaded, helping users to assess the performance of that particular media. To learn more about these analytics, read Understanding Media Analytics

Before you start

  • Manager+ portal users will be able to view and extract reports from Reports Dashboard 

Extract Reports

1. After logging into your portal, from your homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on Reports Dashboard to view detailed analytics for your portal's content.

2. From the Reports Dashboard screen:

i. You can extract report(s), in CSV format, by clicking on the download button available on the top right corner of that report.

Note: You can also apply filters prior to exporting report and then export only required data.

Filter Reports

Date Filter

VIDIZMO allows you to select the duration for which you need to view the analytics. This duration can be last or a current week, month, or year. Moreover, users can also select to view reports for a specific time period only. 

Follow the steps below in order to filter VIDIZMO's detailed media analytics during the current year.

1. From the Reports Dashboard screen:

i. Navigate to date filter and click to expand it.

ii. Select This Year from the drop-down menu.

Attribute-based Filters

Apart from Date Filter, Manager+ Portal users may also apply attribute-based filtering specific to a particular report. Follow the steps below in order to apply attribute-based filtering on any report. For demonstration purposes, the Top Devices report is used.

1. From Reports Dashboard screen:

i. Navigate to the Audience Overview reports tab.

ii. From the Top Devices report section, click on Views filter to hide data from the report.

Toggle Report View

To give you convenience VIDIZMO allows you to toggle between graphical view and Tabular form of data (where applicable). To switch between different views follow the steps below:

1. From Reports Dashboard.

i. Click on the Tabular View button.

ii. To revert back to the graphical view, click on the Graphical View button.