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Before you start

Document Viewer Options

Document Sharing and Interactivity Options

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VIDIZMO allows you to upload, save, view and modify documents as part of its comprehensive Digital Asset Management solution. To learn more about how you can control the processing of your documents and further understand how it is done, see: Understanding Document Processing.

Here is how you may carry out the following on a document using the Playback Page:

Before you start

Make sure to log in to your VIDIZMO portal with a certain role that allows you to carry out designated tasks. Below is a specification of how these access rights and permissions vary with VIDIZMO user roles:

  • Moderator+ role users may like a document, add it to their favorites, share it with others, and report an issue depending upon the media access settings and the portal's security policy.
  • A Viewer or Contributor role user may like a document, add it to their favorites, share it with others, and report an issue with it if they are part of a group where said permissions are enabled. To learn more about it, read Understanding User Groups to Manage Access Rights and Permissions
  • An anonymous user may only be allowed to read a document depending upon the media access settings and the portal's security policy. Click here to learn more about anonymous user policy.

Note: These scenarios are heavily dependent on the Security Policy that you have configured for your portal, along with the settings you choose while uploading media. The aforementioned settings apply on Public portals. To learn more about these policies and settings, see: Understanding Portal's Security Policies and Understanding Media Settings.

Document Viewer Options

1. From Portal's homepage, or media library page, click on the document that you wish to read or scan through.

2. On the Playback page, you can see a document viewer rich with various navigation controls as explained below:

i. On the left-most is a paging control that shows you which page are you currently viewing in the document against the total number of pages it contains, and helps you enter any page of your choice to navigate to it making the entire document's contents readily accessible.

ii. Secondly, in the middle you can see some more controls that focus on enhancing your reading experience. Starting from the left, you can see a uni-page navigation control that helps you switch to one page backward or forward. Next, you can see the two zoom controls smoothly integrated into the document viewer for easy navigation and focus upon certain parts of a page. Following the zoom, you can see the rotation controls helping you rotate the document in an anti-clockwise or clockwise direction as per your convenience and ease.   

iii.On the right-most is a control for full-screen mode that helps you launch the document on the full width and height of your screen for enhanced usability.

Note: The document viewer screen adjusts to your configured settings to enrich readability, but, the changes made do not modify the original document.

Document Sharing and Interactivity Options

1. To share a document via the playback page:

i. Compress the viewer to view the other options on the screen using the window icon on the top right of the document.

ii. Clicking Share icon, you can use VIDIZMO's advanced sharing options to send media viewership request via email or set Limited Share license on the media for the particular user you are sharing it with. To learn more about it, see: How to Share Media with Specific Viewers/Groups.

iii. Similarly, you can share via multiple platforms including facebook, linkedin, twitter and Mail.

2. There are other interactivity options beside the image to allow users to favourite, register feedback, download (if allowed) and like the media. Lastly the overflow menu allows users (Moderator+ roles) to edit settings and view media related statistics for further insights into its usage and viewership, however these options depend on the media settings configured while uploading the document. To learn more about media statistics, see: Understanding Quality of Experience and Understanding Media Analytics.

VIDIZMO's advanced document processing capabilities consolidate to form this feature-rich document viewer which helps enhance usability and readability.