VIDIZMO allows you to create a custom visitor policy for Anonymous users browsing your site's content. This will help you control whether they are allowed to view and engage with different interactivity options such as media sharing, downloading, reporting, and commenting on your Portal's media.

Before you start

  • Manager+ portal users can control the Anonymous User Policy
  • Portal users/visitors will only be able to comment, download, share any media if it is enabled on the Portal as well as on the individual media. To learn more about how they work, see Understanding Media Controls.

Managing Anonymous User Policy

Follow the steps below to manage Anonymous User Policy

1. After logging into your portal, from your homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Settings tab and you'll be directed to Portal Settings page.

2. From Portal Settings:

i. Expand the Privacy tab.

ii. Select Anonymous User Policy, it will open the Permissions page which will display relevant permissions set. From here one can handle (enable/disable permissions using toggle button) Anonymous User Policy which includes following:

iv. Click on the Update button.