Why do we need Locations?


Locations in VIDIZMO are configured and utilized for several factors mentioned below:

  • Configuring Content Delivery Network (CDN): During live or on-demand streaming in VIDIZMO, every viewer pulls the stream over the network, consuming a significant amount of bandwidth. This also affects the performance of the streaming server which has to cater to every viewer's demand. With VIDIZMO, you can utilize any streaming server of your choice such as Wowza, Akamai, Verizon etc., where you can configure multiple geographically dispersed locations to create your own CDN to serve live or on-demand streams to users spread over these regions. The content is served from the edge node that is closest to the user's proximity based on their location. This allows more efficient streaming experience for the end-users. Read more about CDNs: Understanding VIDIZMO ECDN.
  • Setting up Locations enables Fallback during Live Streaming: In order to provide an optimum live stream experience for a viewer, the live stream has to be available as soon as the viewer connects. There may be internal system or communication failures, when a streaming server may go offline. VIDIZMO ECDNs are intelligently configured to handle such situations by providing the stream to the viewer using a methodology that allows the unavailable Edge Node to fall back to other available Nodes in the network. This fallback methodology ensures that the stream is always available to the viewers.

  • Location Restriction: Organizations can define locations to be restricted, offering customers to have complete command over what content reaches where. Read about Understanding Location Restriction.

Location Configuration

VIDIZMO offers two types of Locations:

Global/Public Locations

Public Locations define the details of Country, City, Areas. These can be further utilized in setting restricted locations by specifying any Public Locations to enable/disable content accessibility.

The default Global Locations in VIDIZMO can be viewed under Control Panel > Locations > Global Locations

Private Locations

Private Locations can be configured by the customers to add custom Locations of their globally dispersed network of users to enable fast re-routing of live or on-demand streaming.

Adding a Private Location requires the following parameters:

  • LocationThe name of the Location you are specifying. For example, Chicago HQ.
  • DescriptionAny additional information to be provided with the Location.
  • Co-ordinatesThe Longitude and Latitude of the defined location (optional).
  • SubnetsSubnets within an organization can be added, edited and deleted for increased monitoring and management of content through out the network. This is specifically offered to help customers define a specific range of IP Addresses to allow/disallow the distribution of content.
    • Title: The name of the subnet, such as branchOfficeEuro1.
    • Start IP Address: The starting IP Address of the logical division.
    • End IP AddressMask: The last IP Address of the Subnet to define a range.

Read more about How to Setup VIDIZMO Locations.

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers can view Public Locations and add and update Private Locations.