Location management is part of VIDIZMO ECDN management and it helps the ECDN to interpret user proximity in order to serve the content. In this way, when users access content from geographically dispersed regions, they get served by the Edge node which is closest to them. VIDIZMO allows you set up Public or Private CDNs depending upon the target audience. You can use the Public CDN when you do not have control over the network or the end users while with a Private CDN, you can deliver content to your own users on your own enterprise network. To learn more about ECDN, see Understanding VIDIZMO ECDN.

For more details on how locations are used to reroute the user to capture the nearest stream, click here on Understanding Locations.

VIDIZMO uses subnet-based locations, bound to the edge node, in order to identify where the user request originated from and connects the user to the closest Edge.

The steps below will walk you through in setting up Locations in VIDIZMO with their subnets.

Note: To setup Locations, you will need accurate information about the IP network subnets of all the remote offices/locations to where the content needs to be served.


Administrators and Managers are allowed to define Locations in Portal.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii Click on Control Panel.

2. From the Manage Portal navigation pane in Control Panel:

i. Select the Locations tab to list options available under it.

ii. Click on the Private Locations tab to open its configuration screen on the right-hand side. If locations have been added previously, they will be listed here. 

iii. Clicking on the edit icon on any of the listed locations will have its details populated on the right-hand side. The + icon allows you to add a sub-location. Use the delete (trash can) icon to delete the entry from here.

iv. Use the Add Location button to add a new location.

v. When adding a new location, enter a Location name and Description.

vi. Then enter the Co-ordinates to specify the location by either providing the Latitude and Longitude or by selecting the location using the green drop-pin icon. The drop-pin allows you to select a point on the map while the longitude and latitude for that point are populated automatically in the co-ordinates fields.

vii. To add additional Subnets, use the Add New Subnet button. Give an appropriate title and enter the Start/End IP addresses and provide a subnet mask.

viii. The Subnets can easily be edited using the edit (pen) icon or be removed using the delete (trash can) icon.

ix. The Update button saves the changes.

Note: You can add multiple subnets in one location and assign titles to it. This feature is useful when you have multiple offices in a same city or country. However, it is necessary to enter valid IP and subnet mask here. If you are not sure, then please contact your IT Network team for this information. In case you have a subnet range and do not know the mask, please go to this website and enter your IP range to calculate subnet mask.

3. If you want to add more locations and sub locations in VIDIZMO, then repeat the steps mentioned above, ensuring that the subnet addresses you are providing are accurate.

Roles and Permissions

Only Administrators and Managers are allowed to define Locations in Portal.