VIDIZMO's Location Restriction feature allows enterprises to limit/disable/enable content playback over restricted regions using a subnet of blacklisted IP Addresses.

With this feature enabled, user requests are declined by VIDIZMO if they are being generated from any of the IP Addresses enlisted in the restricted locations.

For example, a training video on a USA specific product or service can be placed on any server in a CDN across the globe but since it is assigned a specific geo-restriction over Europe, viewers in Europe would not be able to playback the content.

In VIDIZMO, Location Restriction feature is accessible from the Control Panel > Security > Location Restriction tab. Restriction can be applied to Private or Public Locations using the following options:

  • Allow All: This option is used to allow all locations, without limiting access to any Location.
  • Allow all, except: Use this option to apply restriction over a few locations only, while allowing access to all other locations.
  • Only Allow: The Allow Only option is the opposite of "Allow all, except" where only a few are allowed, while restricting all other locations.
  • Include Administrators & Managers: This option can be used in conjunction with the other three to include Portal Admins and Managers when selecting any one of the above.

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Roles and Permissions

Only Managers and Administrators can restrict locations from Control Panel > Security.