Deleting a playlist does not delete any media from the system, so you can add the same media to other playlists later. To learn about playlist, read Understanding Playlist.

To delete a playlist, follow the steps described below:


1. From the Portal's Homepage:

    i.  Click on the Media Manager to select a Playlist which needs to be deleted.

    ii. Towards the bottom right-hand side, click on the overflow menu to expand the list of operations that can be performed on the media.

    iii. Click on Delete.

2. A popup window will appear to confirm if you want to proceed with your selection. If this playlist is shared on other Portals or users, it will become unavailable to them. Click on the red Delete button to proceed.

A message will appear stating: Media is successfully submitted for deletion. Sometimes the deletion process may take a while depending on the size of the content. A workflow executes in the background to perform this task.

Note: Submitted content for deletion can be recovered within a certain predefined timeframe. This timeframe is called Content Retention Period and can be set by the Administrator or Manager in the Portal Settings >> Library >> Retention Period.

3. The deleted playlist will be removed from the Media Library.

Note: If all the content included in the playlist is deleted, the playlist will also be deleted from that Account/Portal.

Roles and Permissions

Moderators, Managers and Administrators have the permissions to delete playlists.