In VIDIZMO, a playlist is a compilation of audio and video content that is grouped together in a logical order for the viewers to enjoy the content sequentially and help form a structured understanding. A Collection, however, is a more advanced form of a Playlist that can also have images and quizzes beside a video or audio.

A Personal Collection/Playlist is different from a usual Collection/Playlist in such a way that only the creator of it can view, manage, and share it with others. Read further to learn more about it.

Before you start

  • By default Moderator+ portal users can create and manage Personal Collections and Playlists. But a Manager+ Portal user may also assign this permission to other portal user(s) as well using Media Control Permissions on User Groups.

Manage Personal Media Lists

Create Personalized Playlists or Collections

1. Navigate to Media Library by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the search bar.

2. To create a Personal Collection/Playlist

i. Click on the overflow menu of the media which you want to be the part of Personal Collection/Playlist.

ii. From drop-down menu select;

a. Add to My Playlist: If you want to create Personal Playlist

b. Add to My Collection: If you want to create Personal Collection

For the demonstration, Add to My Collection has been selected

Note: All the steps for creating, managing and viewing Personal Collection and Playlist are the same. The only difference is in the settings of the playlist which we have described in Settings section below.

iii. A new screen will be opened where you can either add media to an existing Collection or add media to a new Collection with a suitable title.

iv. Click on the Add a button to add item to a new Collection.  


1. To view created Personal Collection/Playlist, simply click the Username on the top right-hand corner of the page and then select My Playlist or My Collection

i. Under My Collection/Playlist tab, all the collections/playlists and their media will be listed. In the snapshot below, we have selected My Collection.

Add or Remove Content

1. To add content to your Personal Collection

i. From Media Library click on the overflow menu of a media and select Add to My Collection.

ii. A pop will be opened. Here, you will be able to see the Personal Collection created in step 2 above. Click on the checkbox against the collection name to add that media in the newly created Personal Collection. Similarly, one can add more media files in that Personal Collection. Deselecting an already checked Collection on this pop-up shall remove that media from the Collection.

Note: One can also add media to a Personal Playlist or Collection from the Playback page as well by select the respective button.

2. To remove media from a Personal Collection/Playlist

i. Navigate to the My Collections

ii. Select the Collection from where you want to remove media.

Now collection edit page would appear where all the media present in the collection would be listed.

iii. Click on the overflow menu of the media which you want to remove from your personal collection.

iv. Select Remove.

Reorder Media

1. To re-order media in a Personal Collection

i. From My Collection tab, select the Collection in which re-ordering is needed.

ii. Left-click on the Reorder button.

iii. Drag and drop the media to the desired position.

A toast notification will appear showing the Media has been reordered successfully. 


1. To watch media inside a Personal Collection/Playlist

i. Select the Personal Collection/Playlist.

ii. Click on the thumbnail of the Personal Collection/Playlist, it will take you to the playback page. Where you will be able to watch the content of Personal Collection/Playlist.


Personal Collection

1. To edit Personal Collection

i. Click on the overflow menu of the Personal Collection and select Settings to navigate to the Settings page.

ii. Here, in the Basic Settings tab, one can update basic attributes associated with their personal collection which includes

a. Title

b. Category

c. Tags

d. Description  

Personal Playlist

The Publish Tab for Personal Playlists allow you to set up the following additional settings:

i. Enforce Order: Enforce Order allows you to force viewers to first completely view the media in the list before moving on to the next file in the playlist. If this option is enabled, the media listed later in the list is also disabled (greyed out) and not available for viewing even if the viewer wishes to view it.

ii. Auto-Advance: Enabling this feature allows viewers to watch media one after the other without having to manually select from the list.

iii. Loop: As the name suggests, the playlist will loop back to the first after playing back the last media on the list. All the media files continue to play in a loop until the playlist is paused or stopped manually.


1. To share the selected Personal Collection/Playlist

i. On the Settings page navigate to Sharing Tab

ii. Click on the Share button.

iii. Limited Share screen will be opened which will allow you to share the Personal Collection/Playlist with External Users. Here, provide the e-mail address with whom you want to share it, the number of times you want to restrict the users to and the duration after which access to the playlist/collection shall expire.

iv. Click the Save Changes button. To learn more about Limited Share, see: How to Share Media with Specific Users/Groups or External Viewers

Note: The user to whom the license is being assigned shall become part of VIDIZMO's Public Portal where they will only be able to view the media shared with them.


To delete a Personal Collection/Playlist

i. Click on the overflow menu of the collection you wish to delete.

ii. Select Delete.