There may be cases when users want to replace an existing media file or overwrite the content of an existing media file while maintaining the original URL. This is helpful if the media link has already been distributed or has garnered a considerable number of views and other statistics that you'd like to retain. 

To achieve this goal, VIDIZMO provides a Re-upload Function, from where users can replace an existing media file without having to worry about the original filename and the original link.

Before you start

  • Only Administrators, Managers and Moderators can re-upload files.

  • New file uploaded to replace previous one will go through the transcoding process and during this time the users won't be able to play back the video.

  • If the video that is being re-uploaded is a DRM-enabled video, the video will be assigned a new encryption key, which means any previously issued keys won't work.
  • The previous video that has been replaced is sent to the recycle bin, and deleted permanently as per the purge policy of the portal.
  • The process described in this article applies to all media types, while all media settings and statistics of the original media are retained.


1. From the Portal's Homepage, go to Admin > Media Manager. From the Media Manager:

i. Select a media file which you want to re-upload. 

ii. Click on Re-Upload as highlighted below.

2.  From the Upload Media screen, drag and drop the desired video to re-upload in the box or click on the link Click here to Upload. To learn more about it, see: How to Upload Media

3.  After you have selected your file to upload, you will be redirected to the Media Settings. To learn more about these settings, see: Understanding Media Settings

i. When you re-upload a media file, the settings selected for the original media file will be retained on the new media file.

ii. Click on Save button to save the changes.

4. Once the new media file has finished uploading and the transcoding process is 100% complete, you will notice that the re-uploaded media is shown as the most recently uploaded media in Media Manager. Click on the video thumbnail to playback the media and ensure that your media file has actually been replaced and the original URL is retained.

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