VIDIZMO offers the following support models:

1) VIDIZMO Fully Managed:

VIDIZMO team installs, manages, and maintains VIDIZMO Software on either VIDIZMO's shared Azure Cloud, in the customer’s cloud (under Bring Your Own Cloud Model) such as Microsoft Azure or On-Premises. VIDIZMO team provides 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier support on a fully managed yearly software as a subscription model.

2) VIDIZMO Managed:

VIDIZMO team installs all software, provides quarterly and yearly software upgrades, as well as 2nd tier and 3rd tier support. 1st tier support is provided by Customer IT.

3) Customer Managed:

VIDIZMO team provides software to the Customer’s IT. Customer’s IT installs, updates and supports software in 1st and 2nd tier support. VIDIZMO provides some 2nd and all 3rd tier support and all/any software updates. VIDIZMO does not have access to the installed software.


For more details on the tiered support model and multiple support SLAs offered by VIDIZMO, please visit the following links: