VIDIZMO allows new users to join a Portal. It is a simple sign-up process where a user with a valid email address can send a request to join a particular Portal which will either be moderated or approved automatically. The Administrators or Managers of an Account can enable the auto-approve function for the join requests.

However, you can also manage the approval mechanism manually. After approval, the users will become a Portal member and will be able to perform tasks according to their respective user role.

Note: Here, we are assuming that the join requests do not require any approval from an Administrator. If the join request requires approval by the Administrator, users have to complete the registration form upon approval of join request.


1. Use your preferred browser and enter the URL of the Portal you wish to join. Once it opens, click on the Sign In link on the top left-hand side of the screen.

2. A Sign In screen will be displayed. Click on the Join Channel link.

i. Enter your personal information i.e. first and last name along with a valid email address and password to proceed further.

ii. Click on the Join Portal button.

3. Upon completing the Join Request, you will receive an email similar to the example below: Click on "Confirm your email address" to begin the process.

4. Clicking on the Join Channel button on the Join Request Form redirects to the Account homepage in a logged in state.

Roles and Permissions

If the Portal allows join requests being sent to it, anyone can request to be part of the Portal.