Free Trial:

VIDIZMO provides a free 30-day free self-service trial on VIDIZMO’s shared Azure Cloud.

Managed Pilots or Proof of Concepts (POC):

Available for on-premises, hybrid and dedicated/ private cloud models.

Pilot/ POC/ Trial environments are built to be rolled out as production, without any further efforts to maximize return on investment.

Typical Pilots /POCs include VIDIZMO application installation, SSO configuration and SharePoint. Since all VIDIZMO products are easy to install and configure, provisioning time is very short. A Pilot/POC with VIDIZMO Application, SSO and SharePoint may be rolled out within 3-5 business days. Pilot may used in the cloud, on-premises, in customer's private/ dedicated cloud or configured to work in hybrid environment connected with on-premises AD, SharePoint and other systems etc.