Active User is a unique role for VIDIZMO products during a billing month. There are five (5) possible roles for each active user:

  1. Administrator

    Administrators are responsible for managing Account and Channel settings such as Branding, User Management and can also create new Channels. They can upload and manage content in Account, however they do not have rights to upload and management content in a Channel. To manage content in a Channel, they must be added as Managers in the respective Channel to be managed by them

  2. Manager

    Managers are Channel owners and have complete control over their Channel including uploading, managing content in a channel, creating or scheduling a live or on-demand presentation, embedding and viewing analytics of media, and user management

  3. Moderator

    Moderators help Managers managing content in a Moderators can upload, publish and moderate content. Moderator cannot change Channel Settings or invite new Users to join a Channel.

  4. Contributor

    Contributors can only submit content, also known as User Generated Content which is approved and published by Managers and Moderators. The Manager or Moderator of that channel can also edit or delete the content before publishing

  5. Viewer

    Viewer can view Published Content

Anonymous Users do not require any sign in and therefore do not consume license. However, they can view content published with anonymous viewing rights and consume bandwidth from your plan.