With exponential and continuous rise of mobile usage in consumer as well as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives in the enterprise space in recent years, mobile and HTML5 playback has become a key challenge. VIDIZMO takes all the pain away by providing out-of-the-box mobile ready video encoding, seamless device detection and a mobile/touch friendly user interface for accessing and playing back published media.

Mobile & Touch friendly Portal Interface:

VIDIZMO’s branded media portal has been designed to be touch friendly from the ground up on touch-screen PCs and mobile tablets. A touch friendly mobile version of the portal is accessible on smaller smartphone screens, allowing viewers to access, playback and even upload media directly from their smartphones.

Upload Once, Deliver to Everyone:

VIDIZMO allows you to upload once to deliver across all types of devices including computers, tablets and smartphones. All uploaded content is automatically encoded in multiple formats and screen resolutions to simplify your publishing workflow so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Device Detection & Support:

VIDIZMO player automatically detects the type of device, browser, available bandwidth, resources and playbacks the most optimum media format for the viewer. There’s no need to create and manage separate players and/ or any additional code on your website. It all works with the same embed code and it’s all automatic. Whether it’s iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone etc. it’s a seamless viewing experience for viewers.

Adaptive Streaming for Mobile Devices:

Whether your mobile device is operating over Wi-Fi or cellular network, VIDIZMO detects available bandwidth and adjusts the video stream quality and size based on the screen resolution and bandwidth, thus saving bandwidth costs and ensuring playback even on lower bandwidths.

Windows 8 App:

With a dedicated app tailored specifically for Windows 8 advanced touch interface (formerly Metro), VIDIZMO provides a simple and intuitive experience for Windows 8 users to securely access and playback media in their channels.