VIDIZMO Advanced Analytics provides you with robust and powerful video analytics tools to monitor and measure effectiveness of your media, video presentations, campaigns, courses, quizzes, usage, user responses etc. Authorized admins have the ability to track all viewing activities, and drill down reports by who watched, what & when. Upon analysis of viewing trends, performance feedback can then be incorporated to increase effectiveness of video presentations.

Following are some features of VIDIZMO's reporting capabilities:

Analytics Dashboard:

VIDIZMO gives channel managers and admins a high level overview of what’s happening in their channels in the form of a current status dashboard as well as graphical charts and trends showing patterns of overall media viewing, user behavior, campaigns/courses performance and usage.

Viewing Statistics: 

Find out who watch what, when and how much for individual users or groups.

Campaign/Course Statistics:

Increase governance and compliance while engaging viewers by monitoring campaign statistics and tracking user enrollment, attendance, viewing behavior, and campaign performance. Campaign statistics also measure effectiveness of communication, training, classroom, or a course.

Detailed Quiz Results:

Increase compliance and effectiveness of your communication through detailed statistics of quiz results, including how many times the quiz has been attempted, lowest and highest score, score average and even the time taken by viewer to attempt a quiz.

Compare Presentation Versions & Scores:

Improve effectiveness of presentations by improving and comparing performance with earlier versions. Compare message effectiveness and evaluate the relevance and degree of challenge in a quiz.

Export Analytics:

Conveniently convert the analytics data into the format of your choice (Word, CSV, Excel, TIFF, PDF etc.) in a single click to share or further analyze results.

Use your own Google Analytics, Woopra accounts:

For real time statistics, web analytics and viewer interaction, you can choose to use your own Google Analytics or Woopra accounts.