12 March 2021

After a few hiccups and unwarranted leaks, our engine has become smoother than ever before. Let's get you riding on our latest VIDIZMO model.   

Bug Fixes

  • Let's start off simple. A user synced to VIDIZMO through ID Connector was receiving an email notification from VIDIZMO. That's fixed. Nice and easy.

  • OK try to keep up with this one. On a category's homepage, the featured media slider said 'no media found' even when videos were marked featured. That's not going to be a problem anymore.

  • Did you notice that in a 4K video the 'quality’ menu came up empty? I guess our video player now got smarter and it would no longer happen.

  • Those of you using VIDIZMO on IE-11 would have noticed that the player wouldn’t load after submitting log reason form. Talk about embarrassing.


  • Remember we announced that we're offering SCORM now? Well, it just got better. Now you'll get improved SCORM reports.

  • So for the longest time, the title of a playback page was 'Playback Video'. Now the page title will be the video's title.

  • How many of you have a technical soul, show of hands? You'll be glad to know that portal templates now come with a reset button. Finally, you can go back to the original state if you make a mistake. How did we miss this for so long?

  • One of our most popular features just got better. Now when you export quiz reports, you will get details of each individual.