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With readily accessible digital quizzes becoming mainstream in today's educational setting, be it for students enrolled in an online degree program or for trainees part of some corporate training sessions, it is impossible to ignore the need for a robust assessment mechanism to gauge user performance and help better their understanding of concerned topics.


VIDIZMO brings a unique touch to mundane quiz reports which get away by telling you an average score of participants and the count of those who passed alongside those who did not.

Note: Only Administrators, Managers and Moderators can view Assessment Reports for a Quiz in VIDIZMO Portal.

There are three valuable perspectives to VIDIZMO assessment reports that help Quiz Designers get a detailed insight into users' combined performance as well as into how well the quiz was designed on the basis of structure and difficulty:

Assessment Summary Report

A summarized quiz report will contain accumulated statistics to give you an overview of how many attempts were made, the count of users who attempted the quiz, average score, along with an overview of how every question in the quiz was attempted and what was the score of every attempt that was made. 

An Assessment Summary report can further be divided into three sections:

  • Quiz Performance Overview
    Here, you will be able to see broad statistics that give general insights about how well-perceived a Quiz was, and how well have participants performed over all. These statistics include:
    • Total Participants that took the Quiz;
    • Total Attempts made in a Quiz, these are different than the number of participants since there is no restriction on the number of attempts a user is allowed to take;
    • Average Score of all quiz attempts;
    • Average Time Spent on a quiz;
    • and most importantly, Passing Rate shows a aggregate % to indicate how many attempts were successful (met passing criteria) out of the total quiz attempts.

  • User Attempts Overview
    Here, you will be able to see a list of all attempts in a Quiz in a chronological order with a sleek view of performance in every quiz attempt depicting the following details:
    • The name of the participant who attempted the quiz;
    • A result bar depicting whether or not an attempt has scored minimum passing marks;
    • correct answers out of total questions in a quiz;
    • and an aggregate % for the attempt.

You will also be able to view attempts by an individual user grouped together to give you a brief insight into how a user's performance progressed with multiple number of attempts. Clicking on any attempt will take you to a more detailed attempt drill down report.

  • Questions Overview
    Here, you can see an overview of all questions within a Quiz, and how many users have opted for which option(s) in every question, the % participation of every option gives an insight into the most popular choice taking all attempts into account. Clicking on any question will take you to a more detailed question drill down report, which will be discussed further in the article.

Quiz Attempt Drill-down Report

For further insights into how a particular participant performed, which is most certainly of keen interest for teachers/instructors, you can click on a user profile to go deeper into how they performed, what questions did they stumble in, time they took to attempt the quiz, etc.

An attempt report can be further divided into following sections:

  • Participant's attempt information like the date-time is shown right at the top for ease of reaching desired data.
  • You can see a detailed view of Attempted Questions on your left where:
    • participant's every response to each question in the Quiz is effectively captured;
    • whether that response was correct or wrong;
    • Gives you the ability to download the results in a CSV file.
  • At the right corner you can see a doughnut chart that explains participant's performance in this Quiz. This chart instantly depicts their result status; red to indicate failure and green for success. Some statistics are as follows:
    • gained score of an attempt - Result/Total Score;
    • percentage % earned, e.g. 92%;
    • how many questions were answered correctly;
    • how many were erred and answered wrongly;
    • how many questions were left unattempted? This gives an insight about how well the participant could manage time, or if specific questions were too difficult to attempt.

Individual Question Drill-down Report

The most interesting kind is a drilled down report of how each individual question was attempted. This gives a unique understanding into the difficulty level of the question and a clear categorization of how some users/candidates outperformed others by attempting the most difficult question correctly, so on and so forth. This greatly helps in process improvements as corporate trainers continue to gain invaluable insights into how well-perceived are their questions by users.

An individual question report is divided into three sections:

  • User Responses help you see a consolidated view of all responses that an attempter has chosen for this question. It also indicates the correctness of the chosen option; red highlights the chosen answer(s) was wrong whereas green highlights it was correct.
  • Choices help you view a summary of how well-perceived was the question and its choices by presenting count of attempts where option A was chosen, count of attempts where option B was chosen, so on and so forth. Additionally, it is displayed along with the number of quiz responses in which this question remained unattended to gauge an overall audience perception trend of the question in hand.
  • Question Stats represent the same statistics as above in a neat bar chart for a more holistic view of which choices were more popular amongst the participants.