VIDIZMO allows you to create and design Quiz for your users, this allows them to have a more individualistic experience with your content than just superficial. Quiz helps you determine how well your content have been perceived and understood by your audience, while it helps them keep track of their progress.

To learn more about VIDIZMO Quiz, see: Understanding Quiz.

Before you start

  • Make sure you log into your portal as an Administrator, Manager or Moderator to be able to create a Quiz.

Create Quiz

1. Click on the red Add New Media (+) icon towards the bottom right-hand corner.

2. You will be redirected to a new page, where you can choose to Create Quiz.

3. Creating a basic quiz is as easy as carrying out these five basic steps:

i. Set a Title for your Quiz.

ii. Set a score as a percentage out of 100, as Passing Criteria of that Quiz.

iii. Drag and drop questions to your Quiz.

iv. Devise questions and choose correct answers to them.

v. Set scores to your questions.

However, there is more to VIDIZMO Quiz than just a basic mainstream quiz. Here is how you can configure more settings and options to create a mature Quiz.

Configure Quiz Settings

4. You can configure the following settings for a Quiz:

i. Selecting Initiate Quiz with an About-Page Quiz may set whether you want to start the Quiz by informing the users what the Quiz is about, how much time do they have for completion and count of questions. This serves as a nice way to prepare them mentally before the Quiz starts.

ii. Show Page Titles determine whether or not you want to include title of every page when the Quiz is being taken.

iii. Enabling Show previous button will allow users to revisit previous pages and questions while attempting a Quiz.

iv. Show progress during Quiz would enable users to see a progress bar at the top of the quiz indicating how many pages out of total have been completed.

v. Quiz Time Limit would be the maximum time in seconds in which the user is supposed to finish a Quiz.

vi. Page Time Limit would be the maximum time in seconds in which the user is supposed to finish a Page within a Quiz.

vii. Click Update to save settings.

Configure Page Settings

5. You can configure the following settings for a Page within a Quiz:

i. Page Title for every page within a Quiz, it could be the subject area to which the questions are related to.

ii. Page Description would contain information/hint about the questions contained within a page for ease of understanding.

iii. You can choose the order in which to display questions during Quiz. Options include:

  • Initial, which is as arranged by you while designing.
  • Random, which shuffles questions in every quiz attempt.

iv. Click Update to save settings.

Configure Question Settings

6. You can configure the following settings for a Question within a Quiz:

i. You can choose the layout for your options to be displayed in by typing in the number of columns as Multi-Column Layout.

ii. Choose the order of choices to be displayed, where options include Ascending, Descending, Random. 

iii. You can mark a question to be mandatory, without answering which you can not proceed to the next page during the Quiz.

iv. Start with a new line determines if a question should be started in a new line, otherwise questions will be neatly  displayed in columns.

v. Click Update to save settings.

Preview Quiz

After creating a Quiz, using the option at your bottom left, you can choose to preview how your audience will experience it, choose dummy answers and complete the Quiz for submission.

This is how a Quiz would appear when:

  • Question 1 is set to be mandatory,
  • Questions 3 and 4 start with a new line, 
  • Page title and Progress Bar is shown,
  • with a Page time limit set to 1 minute and Quiz Time Limit set to 3 minutes.