At VIDIZMO, a rigorous testing methodology is followed during the software development lifecycle of any new release. The testing methods include using scripted tests for test automation as well as manual testing techniques to ensure maximum coverage of the test. Every new build delivered is taken through multiple stages. 

The testing process includes: 

  1. Integrated testing environment: various modules are tested for their compatibility with each other. 
  2. Test environment: The testers & QA teams run automated, manual tests on staging environments. At this stage, a replica of production or the last publicly released version is maintained. The testers and QA team than do the final testing before releasing it to production or customers to use. This thorough testing procedure is used before releasing any ‘Update’ to the production or customer environment. 

Moreover, a standard set of test cases is run each time an update installed is on VIDIZMO shared cloud or managed instances within customer’s premises or private cloud deployments. Strict guidelines pertaining to customer’s data followed are that includes performing immediate cleanup in case any data used is to carry out testing. Moreover, no customer data is removed or altered during the testing procedure.