VIDIZMO User Group is a manageable entity that represents a collection of users. All individual users as part of a group can be managed, controlled, and assigned additional access rights with ease. This means, by creating groups, the Manager+ user does not need to set permission settings for each user; rather they can collectively implement the permission settings on the group as a whole. Groups provide segregation within a Portal and improve users' engagement by making sure the content and its permissions are of utmost relevance to the users.

To learn more about how permissions assigned on a group shall work in combination with the default permissions assigned in a user role, see: Understanding Custom Permissions for Specific Groups.

Before you start

  • You need to log in as Manager+ portal user to assign Custom Permissions to User Groups.
  • Group permissions are only applicable to user roles below Moderators, as Moderator+ user roles have a complete set of access rights on media management within the Portal by default.

Assign Permissions to User Groups

 You may assign custom permissions to users associated with an existing group or by adding them to a new group

Note: Custom Permissions can also be assigned to a Group at the time of its creation.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand the Admin tab.

iii Click on Users & Groups and you'll be directed to the Users & Group page.

2.  From the Users and Groups screen

i. Hover upon the User Group, to which you want to assign Custom Group Permissions, and click to open the overflow menu.

ii. Select Edit Group. It will take you to the Edit Group - Custom Group screen.

3. From  Edit Group - Custom Group screen shown below

i. Use the Toggle button against permission(s) to assign that permission to the selected group. For demonstration purposes Allow users to mark Media as Favorite and Allow users to view Comments have been enabled. 

ii. Click on Save Changes button. 

Note: If a user is part of multiple groups, then the union of the permissions set will be implemented.